SkyTeam - The Sustainable Flight Challenge

Discover the initiatives to reduce the environmental impact

The Sustainable Flight Challenge

Sustainability is one of the strategic pillars on which we have worked from the first day of our Company through the gradual renewal of the fleet, the increase in efficiency for the reduction of fuel consumption and the optimization of routes; for this, we are excited to participate in the Sustainable Flight Challenge, an environmental awareness initiative launched by SkyTeam for the month of May.

The goal of the Sustainable Flight Challenge is to operate some flights in experimental mode, testing some environmental protection initiatives with the hope of making them the best practices for the future of aviation, involving operators and customers.

Our flights involved in the Sustainable Flight Challenge are:

Fligh Nr Date Departure Destination
 AZ110  7 May Rome Fiumicino Amsterdam
AZ608 14 May Rome Fiumicino New York

On these flights, we have implemented a number of initiatives, some of which will also involve you. Let's see it in detail!


What we do

Maximum Operational Efficiency

The operation of the two flights involved in the Sustainable Flight Challenge will follow an operational efficiency logic in all the flight phases: from route planning to handling at the airport, from flight maneuvers to on-board specific activities aimed at limiting as much as possible the environmental impacts.

Use of Jet Fuel + ENI SAF

These two flights will operate with Jet Fuel + ENI SAF produced by ENI and distributed from Leonardo da Vinci's Fiumicino airport. This type of fuel, already used structurally on some of our routes, is made with renewable raw materials, capable of reducing the life cycle of CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

Environmental Responsibility on Board

On board you will find eco-sustainable and compostable materials with the aim of minimizing the use of plastic. We offer a careful and balanced selection of gastronomic products, experimenting with separate collection systems, optimized for proper waste management.

Digital Newsstand

All of our entertainment systems are paperless and include a digital newsstand platform, thanks to the partnership with PressReader, that allows you to have, directly on your device, over 7,000 newspaper and magazine titles: the best of information, entertainment, culture, sport, fashion and much more from 120 different countries and in more than 60 languageswithout any limit!



What can we do together

Sustainability is most effective when approached collectively.
When you choose to fly, there are many ways to reduce your impact on the environment.


Contribute to a Better Future

Both flights will be at zero environmental impact, in terms of fuel emissions, neutralizing them thanks to the contribution of ITA Airways to reforestation projects in Africa and South America. We leave it up to you to choose which activities we will focus on. Discover all the opportunities available to you and choose the one you want to support. When boarding the flights involved, you will be given more information.

Online Check-In

Avoid queues at the airport and help reduce the use of paper: check-in online, for you a bonus of 2,000 Volare points. If you haven't done it yet, sign up for the Volare program and check-in via app or website. You will receive your points by June 15th, 2022.  


Even the little tricks can produce noteworthy results. When travelling, if possible, try to limit the weight of your luggage. A lighter aircraft means lower fuel consumption and consequently fewer emissions.