Flight Pass

With  ITA FlightPass you can create packages of prepaid vouchers for the subsequent issue of single route tickets.

Do you often travel for business or leisure?

Choose Flight Pass to plan your next trips and gain access to a world of advantages!

Flight Pass is the new ITA Airways product which allows you to create quickly and easily packages of prepaid tickets, personalizing them based on your needs and at super convenient prices.

Creating your package is extremely easy:

  • Select your travel period and the city you wish to travel to among the many domestic and international destinations offered by ITA Airways.
  • Choose your travel class between Economy, Superior and Business Class
  • Decide the number of flights of your package, from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24.
  • Select the number of passengers. You can travel with up to 24 companions and even decide later who will use the tickets!
  • You can decide freely how early to book your flight. You can book from 90 days to 1 hour before the scheduled departure!

And remember, with Flight Pass the ticket price is locked in at the time of purchase of the package, with no surprises of a price increase and allowing you to save on your flights also during high season!

With Flight Pass your trips will be more personalized for you!

Once you have purchased a Flight Pass, you can then issue your tickets