Additional "Unaccompanied minor" charge

The additional “Unaccompanied minor” charges are as follows:


All flights within Italy 

(minors 5 to 13 years of age)

$80/€70 one way

Medium-haul international flights 


(minors aged 5 to 14)

$95/€85 one way

Medium-haul international flights 

North Africa and Middle East

(minors aged 5 to 14)

$105/€95 one way

Long-haul international flights

India and Maldives

United States: Boston, New York, Washington, Miami 

(minors aged 5 to 14)

$140/€125 one way**

Long-haul international flights

Argentina, Brazil, Japan

United States: San Francisco and Los Angeles 

(minors aged 5 to 14)

$170/€150 one way


* The price can vary based on the moment of purchase of the service.

** The supplement for flights to and from Japan for minors aged 5 to 11 is to be verified when booking the service.



  • The additional charge is the same for direct and connecting flights (with stopovers).
  • There is no discount for siblings traveling together.
  • This supplement may be combined with fare discounts depending on the destination, age and booking class.
  • The “Unaccompanied minors” service can only be refunded if the ticket fare allows it.