Your trips in Economy Class

We're thinking of you, who love to travel at great prices with the highest level of flexibility!

Our Economy fares, in addition to saving you money, also let you change your flight!

Organize a trip to Italy and Europe without having to worry about changing your schedule.

Purchase your long-haul Economy Classic or Flex and Premium Economy ticket and if, before or after departure, you decide to change your plans, you can modify the destination and period of travel how and when you want, free of charge.

We have also thought about your long-haul trips in Economy Light, for which you can change your ticket at any time, with an additional charge of $199 per route.

What are you waiting for? Plan your next vacation more flexibly than ever!

Check all our rates and select the solution that best suits your travel needs:

Long-Haul (from United States)

Economy LIGHT $199 each way Not permitted
Economy CLASSIC Free of charge Not permitted
Economy FLEX Free of charge

PREMIUM Economy Classic Free of charge Not permitted
PREMIUM Full Flex Free of charge Permitted
BUSINESS Classic Free of charge Not permitted
Business Flex Free of charge Permitted