New flights to Jeddah

From 1st August 2024

Jeddah, a symphony of history, culture and contemporary beauty.

A city masterfully combining the rich Saudi tradition with the most modern of architecture.

Start your journey along the coastal road known as the Corniche. Along this waterfront overlooking the Red Sea, the sunset is like a painting of a thousand different shades and the majestic Al Rahma mosque seems literally to float on water.

Then, delve into the past by strolling through the tiny alleyways of the historical area of Al-Balad, amidst ancient coral houses and brightly colored souqs. This is the perfect place in which to find hidden treasures and experience an authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere.

No trip to Jeddah is complete without a visit to the monumental Makkah Gate that marks the start of the route to the holy city of Mecca.

The beauty of this fascinating destination is that it offers not only an immersion into history and culture, but also wonderful natural landscapes. Spend a day among corals and colorful fish, snorkeling in one of the most beautiful coral reefs on the planet.

And to end on a high note, a visit to Souq Al-Alawi is a must. One of the city’s hidden gems, this market’s vibrant atmosphere is sure to take you on a journey back in time.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your fairytale trip now.

Travel from August 1st, 2024 on our direct flights from Rome to Jeddah.


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