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Go the airport in a chauffeur-driven hire car and accumulate Volare points

Use LimoLane's chauffeur-driven car hire service to enjoy a 5% discount on all your chauffeur-driven car trips and earn 2 Volare points for every euro you spend.

Are you already a Volare Frequent Flyer?

●        Download the LimoLane app (iOS, Android) or visit the web app;

●        Go to the “Partner” section;

●        Link your Volare Code;

●        Start accumulating 2 Volare points for every euro you spend and get an automatic 5% discount on all your trips with LimoLane.

Not a Volare Frequent Flyer?

●        Visit the LimoLane web app

●        Register

Get an automatic 5% discount on all your trips with LimoLane

LimoLane: the chauffeur-driven car hire service available in 500+ cities worldwide!

LimoLane is the leading digital platform in premium and business mobility (chauffeur-driven car hire) for both businesses and individuals.

Present in more than 500 cities around the world with a community of more than 5,000 drivers, LimoLane allows users to access the chauffeured rental service via the smart, fast, transparent technology of its dedicated app.

In addition to online booking services, users can take advantage of a 24/7 customer care service that provides constant support at every stage of their reservation.

The benefits of the platform for business customers

For businesses, LimoLane offers a user-friendly platform that covers every mobility aspect, enabling the comprehensive and integrated management of transport bookings and expense reporting.

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LimoLane, the future of business mobility.