There are flights with territorial continuity pricing for the itinerary selected

(Decree of the Italian Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility No. 466 of 25 November 2021)

The fares for these flights will be differentiated based on whether or not they belong to the following categories of passengers (without any discrimination related to place of birth or nationality)

  • Residents in Sardinia and following comparable categories
  • Young people (12-21 years)
  • University students (18-26 years)
  • Elderly (70 years old and above) 
  • Disabled (no discount for accompanying persons)

Important informations about requested documents for each category

Residents, Young People, Elderly

A valid identity document that confirms current residency in Sardinia or the age requirements for the reduced fare 

University students (18-26 years)

Valid university student's records book.
If the student's records book does not have an expiration date, you must instead provide a certificate of enrollment for the current academic year.

Disabled (no discount for accompanying persons)

Civil disability with a percentage at least equal to or greater than 80% certified by a report issued by the medical commission showing the percentage of disability



In a single online transaction, it is not possible to purchase flight tickets for passengers who are eligible for reduced fares together with tickets for passengers who are not eligible.


At any time, the customer may be asked to produce documentation that confirms they belong to one of the categories indicated above.        

ITA Airways reserves the right to prosecute via the relevant authorities any persons who are not eligible for the discounted fare selected.                                                                                          
To purchase tickets for unaccompanied minor passengers, please refer to the customer center. Our online sales service is free of charge.