Purchases and refunds

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 The purchase of a ticket is subject to a sales service charge of the following variable amounts: 

                      Online purchases 

 The sales service for purchases made on ita.airways.com is free of charge 

                      Call Center purchases 

 € 20 for a ticket purchased at the same time as the booking 

 € 30 for a national ticket purchased after the booking is made 

 € 30 for an international ticket purchased after the booking is made 

                      Purchase from ticket offices managed directly by ITA Airways 

 € 12 for a national ticket 

 € 25 for an international ticket in the Schengen Area or Switzerland 

 € 35 for a ticket for all other destinations 


A partial or complete refund of the ticket price, for cancellation of the passenger's flight, is permitted in accordance with the fare rules relating to the ticket purchased. The fare rules are detailed during the booking and purchase process, as well as on the ticket receipt.       

 Airport and security taxes are always refundable for all fares.       

 The sales service charge is never refundable.        

 Refunds for purchased on itaspa.com should be requested via the Customer Center or ITA Airways ticket offices.

 For tickets issued by travel agents, the request should be forwarded to the travel agent in question.       

 For reimbursement of airport taxes and fees relating to tickets with non-refundable fares only, please contact the ITA Airways Customer Center.       


 For tickets purchased in Italy: in case of non-use, for any reason, of the outbound flight (or a leg of the outbound flight), the request to maintain the validity of the ticket for the return flight only can be accepted if previously communicated to ITA Airways according to the times specified below: 

  •  within 24 hours after the departure time of the unused outbound flight; 
  •  if the departure time of the return flight is within 24 hours of the outbound flight, the communication to the Contact Center must be received at least two hours before the departure of the aforementioned return flight.       

 The Contact Center will issue a new e-ticket for the modified itinerary for which you will need to check-in online (if available) or at the airport.       

 If the passenger does not make the aforementioned communication, or makes it after the time limit indicated, ITA Airways, where there is availability of seats on the return flight, reserves the right to request payment of an amount equal to the difference between the price paid for the previously purchased ticket and the price corresponding to the highest fare available in the same travel class/compartment, applicable to the changed itinerary at the time the ticket is reissued, unless the fare rules applicable to the original ticket are more favorable to the passenger.