In flight

Wellbeing on board, electronic devices and special meals: everything you need to know to make your trip a pleasant and safe one.


Stay connected during your flight by making phone calls, sending texts, posting on social networks, replying to your e-mails or following the latest news on our live channels.

In order to offer this new service, our long-haul fleet will be gradually fitted with satellite antennae.

Log in to ITA SpA's Wi-Fi network.

As soon as you are allowed to connect your device (laptop, tablet or smartphone), start your browser and you will be taken directly to the ITA SpA Wi-Fi portal homepage, where you can purchase a tariff package.

You can use international roaming to make phone calls, send texts, chat or surf the net.

Once it is permitted, activate your device to connect to the roaming signal which will allow you to use the device in the same way as when you are abroad.

The availability of services and international roaming tariffs applied depends on the agreement between your operator and the supplier of the inflight roaming service (AeroMobile).