Innovative, sustainable, and comfortable, our Airbus A321neo is a unique aircraft combining efficiency and style, perfect for traveling to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East in comfort.

A new way to fly medium haul

Comfortable state-of-the-art seats; the Airspace cabin’s new custom lighting, accompanying the various phases of the day and the various moments of the flight; spacious XL overhead bins; aluminum-finished window portholes; the best in video and audio entertainment: there are many innovative elements that make the flight experience on board the Airbus A321neo truly unique.

The interiors, designed by world-renowned designer Walter de Silva, are conceived to make the entire flight experience comfortable and enjoyable, embodying Italian elegance to perfection and granting the cabin an understated, refined atmosphere.

With the longest fuselage of the A320 single-aisle family, the Airbus A321neo is a quieter and more environmentally friendly aircraft: it boasts over 20% lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per seat and a 50% reduction in noise impact compared to previous generation aircraft.

Refined design and efficient performance are combined with a new and exclusive cabin configuration. The new Airbus A321neo is in fact the first medium-haul aircraft built with three separate cabins, Business, Premium and Economy Class.

This is an absolute novelty for this type of flight, which will allow you to experience comfort in the clouds as never before.

An extraordinary Business Class

In Business Class, every detail is designed to transform your flight into a truly relaxing travel experience.

You'll be greeted by the new comfortable sleeper chairs that recline by 180 degrees, have direct access to the aisle, and enjoy ample legroom with 38-inch spacing between seats – a soft embrace ensuring quality resting, utmost freedom of movement and total respect for privacy. 

At your exclusive seat you will be able to charge your devices with a USB A+C socket, surf the internet through an on-board connection package, and watch our on-board entertainment through a latest generation 17” screen with 4k resolution and low reflectance.

Depending on the time slot and length of your flight, you'll also enjoy breakfasts, snacks, aperitifs, and full meals inspired by the best Italian food and wine tradition, made with prime ingredients.

Premium Economy: more room to relax

Long-haul comfort in the medium haul!

In this reserved cabin you will enjoy the comfort of spacious recliners, whose movable headrests and footrests will enable you to find the most comfortable position and relax, arriving fully rested at your destination.

More legroom and more entertainment throughout the flight: in this travel class too, you can watch the best national and international films and the most exciting TV series from our in-flight entertainment through a 15.6" screen with 4k resolution.

You can remain connected with the outside world by purchasing one of the on-board connection packages. And if you need to recharge your devices, no problem: also in Premium Economy you can use a handy USB A+C socket.

You will also be greeted with a Welcome Drink, you will be able to order espresso or limoncello throughout the journey, you will be given your own bottle of water and, during lunch or dinner, you will be able to enjoy a dedicated catering service with the choice of various hot main courses served on a tablecloth, with real glasses and porcelain crockery.

A practical sleeping kit with a soft cotton pillow will complete your truly premium relaxation experience.

Economy Class, comfort without sacrifice

The Economy Class of our Airbus A321 does not skimp on comfort.

Once seated, you will be enveloped by the softness of our seats. Once you have found the most comfortable position, you can relax and enjoy the best in-flight entertainment on 13.3” screens with 4k resolution, surf the internet and send messages to anyone using one of our onboard connection packages, and recharge your devices via the USB A + C socket.

If you need more legroom, no problem: the first two rows of this cabin are dedicated to Comfort Economy, granting you the opportunity to have even more freedom of movement thanks to a minimum distance of 34 inches between your seat and the one in front.