Zone boarding


Starting 5 June, enhance your travel experience with the new zoned boarding process, a faster and more relaxed way to board your plane.

What is a boarding area and where can I find mine?

Depending on your seat location on the aircraft and the Exclusive Club you belong to, you will be assigned a specific numbered zone from 1 to 8, which will be shown on your boarding pass.

What happens when I board my flight?

The staff will call for boarding by zone, starting with priority passengers (Exclusive Club, Business Class, Superior, Premium and Comfort Economy, families with children and passengers who have requested assistance); present yourself at the gate when called, with your boarding pass and ID ready.

No waiting, lots of benefits

Zoned boarding allows you to enjoy a relaxed waiting experience: you can sit comfortably close to the gate or make your final purchases and board the aircraft in a more orderly and timely manner, ensuring a more punctual flight.


I couldn’t board when my zone was called. What should I do?

If your zone has already been called, approach the gate to continue boarding.

They called my zone, but there is no room for my hand baggage. What should I do?

To ensure greater comfort on board, subject to safety standards and overhead stowage capacity, cabin baggage may be collected at the gate for boarding in the hold on busy flights. The airport staff will label the selected baggage and issue the passenger with the receipt for delivery. This procedure is not provided on intercontinental flights.


The service will be active in all airports served by ITA Airways except for:

  • Tirana
  • Minorca
  • Palma de Mallorca
  • Ibiza
  • Corfu
  • Kefalonia
  • Heraklion
  • Rhodes
  • Sofia