Additional services

For a unique travel experience, take advantage of all the additional services designed for you.


What are you looking for from your flight? Whether it's comfort, relaxation, speed or total convenience, we have the right solution to meet your needs! 

Choose your favorite seat on board our aircraft in Economy Class: based on the type of ticket and membership to the exclusive Clubs of the Volare program, this option is offered to you free of charge or for a small supplement: choose your Comfort, Top, Front, Side, Standard or Rear seat and fly as you want, close to who you want! 


Traveling with extra luggage can bring many benefits!

Extra baggage means more freedom, more choices and more comfort. You will have more space for your purchases and gifts, you won't have to worry about hand luggage weight limits and you won't have to worry about having to leave anything behind. If you are looking for a comfortable and convenient solution for your vacation, purchase the extra baggage allowance and enjoy the freedom to explore the world in total relaxation.

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