Club Premium

Once you reach 60,000 qualifying points, you will be accepted into the Premium Club. You will immediately have access to the exclusive benefits of Club Premium. Membership in the Club lasts until the end of the following calendar year and you must earn 60,000 qualifying points during the year to continue enjoying the benefits of the Club.

Once you are a member of the Premium Club, you will never have your feet on the ground again. In fact, there are so many exclusive services and benefits to choose from that will make flying with us a unique experience:

  • Club Plus benefits;
  • Access to lounges owned by or made available to ITA Airways;
  • Fast track

To make your travel experience even more comfortable, as a Premium Member, we will be happy to welcome you with a companion and two children in the ITA Airways lounges, where you can relax while waiting for your flight, listening to your favorite music, sipping a drink, enjoying a snack or reading your emails thanks to the free Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, you can access different lounges around the world.

In fact, as a Premium member, you can choose your favorite seat in the rear or standard section of our Economy Class aircraft to travel more comfortably, enjoy the view from the window, or sit next to your friends!

  • For further information on the Seat Selection service, please visit the dedicated page

If collecting points is easy for you, it will be a breeze with Premium membership, which earns you 20% more points than Club Smart, which you can use to redeem flight rewards via Cash&Points. Points per Euro spent* goes up to 12, and thanks to point accelerators, you can earn up to 100% more points depending on the class, destination and fare you choose for your flight. To get your points credited, remember to always enter your Volare code, both when you book your flight and when you check in. Click here for details on how to earn points.

In addition, you will be able to view your points balance in your personal area, where you will be able to see in detail all of your points earned and spent. You may also be able to request points from your flights that have not been credited to you by using the "Request Points" feature.

Do not forget to download the virtual Volare Premium Club card also in the wallet of your smartphone to always have it with you. Present it to the airport staff for access to the services we have reserved for you.

In addition, as a Club Premium member, you can enjoy the benefits reserved for elite passengers on SkyTeam flights.

And if you should need anything else, please contact our personally dedicated Customer Service.

Your next goal? Club Executive! You are only 30,000 qualifying points away from a wide array of extra benefits!

*as per regulations