ITA Airways for Sustainability


The Pact for the Decarbonisation of Air Transport was created to promote and accelerate the achievement of the sustainability objectives of air transport in relation to the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda, with reference to the Net Zero Emissions by 2050 objective.

ITA Airways has joined the pact together with the main stakeholders in the air transport industry, and institutions and associations who, in synergy with experts from the academic world, have proposed a road map – a virtuous path aimed at achieving the sector's decarbonisation objectives.

In light of the central role of air transport in relation to the country's economy and social fabric – the ability to encourage the expansion of trade and investment abroad, to fuel market growth, and to facilitate greater competition and the transfer of technologies and knowledge – the pact aims to set out a path that will make the development of global connectivity and productivity compatible with environmental protection.

The full decarbonisation of the aviation sector by 2050 will be achievable thanks to the implementation of multiple initiatives that in the short-medium term will be focused on the development of eco-sustainable fuels (SAF), while in the medium-long term will include innovative solutions for the benefit of improving impact of air transport on the environment.