ITA Airways for Sustainability


ITA Airways inaugurated the Autism Program last summer, designed in partnership with ANGSA (National Association of Parents with Autism) and in synergy with ENAC.

The program has two main aspects: familiarization prior to departure and a dedicated travel service.

To help people build up their confidence with the experience of air travel, ITA Airways makes available free of charge a session on its flight simulatorfor autistic people, so that they can experience the realistic sensation of flying, assisted by a real crew who will explain the operations of take-off, cruise and landing and will allow them to get used to the plane stay, the cabin, the service, the noises and the on-board announcements. They can also familiarize themselves with the control procedures and places of embarkation, to arrive at the day of departure calmly and safely.

For the time of the actual journey, ITA Airways has designed a personalized service that will accompany the customer throughout their experience: from the booking process to airport assistance and in flight, up to arrival at their destination.