ITA Airways for Sustainability


The A220-300 is a single-aisle Airbus aircraft. Because of its small size (150-160 seats compared to 300-350 for an A350), it is the 'little brother' – meaning it is sufficient and sustainable – of the other next-generation aircraft in the ITA Airways fleet. It is an aircraft designed for short and medium-haul flights.

The main strength of the aircraft is its advanced aerodynamics that, in combination with the specially designed turbofan engines, enables a 25% reduction in fuel consumption (and CO2 emissions) compared to planes of the previous generation, and also produces a 50% reduction in noise and nitrogen oxides.

Passengers,an enjoy the comfort of a cabin specially designed for a superb flight experience: wider seats and windows, more spacious overheard bins to accommodate carry-on luggage, and low noise levels.

In addition to the first A350-900, the ITA Airways fleet currently also includes four A220-300s that have the Born to Be Sustainable livery, as an illustration of the airline's commitment to sustainability.