ITA Airways for Sustainability


The Airbus A350-900 is an aircraft in the ITA Airways fleet, and is one of the most modern, efficient and technologically advanced planes on the market. The aircraft is used for intercontinental routes.

In comparison to aircraft of the previous generation, it is:

•     Quieter, with a 40% reduction in noise emissions

•       Weighs less than eight tons = less fuel = 25% less CO2

•       Fuel consumption per passenger is reduced by 25% with a reduction of more than 20,000 tons of CO2 per year

•       12 additional tons of payload on longer trips or 1,200 additional nautical miles

The A350-900 is one of Airbus's flagships: compared with previous generations, the weight of the structure has been reduced by 70% thanks to the widespread use of composite materials, titanium and aluminum alloys, while fuel consumption is also 25% lower. Other significant features include the cabin altitude (the air pressure breathed by passengers), which corresponds to an altitude of approximately 1,800 meters, compared to 2,400-2,500 meters for its rivals, thereby reducing fatigue and the physical impact of sitting for several hours at a time.

Reduced weight, advanced aerodynamics, efficient engine. All of the above help to shape the plane's optimal onboard experience.

One of the six A350-900s that are currently part of the ITA Airways fleet was the first to have the Born to Be Sustainable livery, as an illustration of the airline's commitment to sustainability.

In the following video, "The new Airbus A350 with the sky blue ITA Airways livery" :