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Meticulous attention to service quality, fleet maintenance and passenger assistance make ITA Airways Italy’s leading airline group.


Sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars of our airline. It is pursued through concrete actions aimed at achieving a reduced environmental impact. For this purpose, an ambitious fleet renewal plan is envisaged that will encompass 80% of new generation aircraft by 2026: more modern, efficient, comfortable aircraft with CO2 emissions reduced by 25% compared to the previous generation of aircraft.

In addition, the availability of fuels that come from more sustainable sources such as SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) will help guide the transition of air transport from traditional fossil fuels to those of a biogenic nature. SAF, which is currently used on special flights, will gradually be used on our entire fleet.

Today – thanks to an agreement with CHOOOSE, a Norwegian company leader in climate technologies – we are able to offer you the opportunity to participate in offsetting the CO₂ emissions of your flight, contributing to the implementation of certified projects that promote the natural and social environment and helping with the supply of SAF, fuel with reduced CO₂ emissions.


These are the selected projects:

The Breathing Space home kitchen improvement program, India


By 2030, this project will substantially reduce the number of fatalities from chemicals, pollution and the contamination of air, water and soil.  

Extra supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)


With your contribution, you are helping to reduce the dependence of air transport on fossil fuels in favor of those that come from sustainable sources. 

You can offset the emissions of your flight by clicking on the link offered to you at the end of the ticket purchase process or – at any time and for any flight – by selecting the CHOOOSE button on this page.