Multi-destination flights. The excitement of travelling knowns no bounds

Do you have a boundless desire to travel the world?

Plan your multi-destination trip now and discover a world of advantages!

You’ll be able to:

  • create a customized itinerary based on your needs;
  • choose the Service Class (Economy, Premium or Business Class);
  • explore the possibility of adding several destinations to a single trip and a single ticket, combining flights to and from a variety of airports in Italy, Europe and the world at large.

You can decide whether to stay a few days in a city in between flights or plan a route that allows you to see several places during the same holiday. For example:

Leaving from Catania for Rome and wish to travel on to New York? You can decide to visit Italy’s capital city for two days and then continue to your final destination!

Want to travel from Rome to Barcelona and discover Spain? You can do so stress-free, travelling back from Madrid!

Are you ready to enrich your travel experience? Plan your multi-destination holiday now by selecting the "Multi-destination" option in the "Book" section of the home page of our website / APP or through the dedicated form.

We look forward to seeing you on board!


  • Multi-destination bookings are possible for AZ flights and for codeshare AZ flights.
  • Multi-destination flights can be booked for a maximum of two destinations.
  • The multi-leg flight must take place within the same country: i.e. Barcelona-Rome-Madrid
  • When purchasing a multi-destination airplane ticket, the order of the destinations must be strictly observed. 
  • Promotional codes may be used for the purchase of multi-destination flights.
  • Gift Cards may be used for the purchase of multi-destination flights.
  • Available fares for domestic multi-destination flights: Economy Flex, Superior Flex with the exception of flights to/from Sicily where Economy Light and Economy Classic are also available.
  • Available fares for international multi-destination flights: Economy Light, Economy Classic, Economy Flex, Business Classic, Business Flex.
  • Available fares for intercontinental multi-destination flights: Economy Light, Economy Classic, Economy Classic Plus, Economy Flex, Premium Classic, Premium Flex, Business Classic, Business Flex.
  • Territorial continuity fares and special fares (youth, etc.) are not available for multi-destination flights.