Business class deals

From Accra and Dakar to Italy and Europe


Flying in our Business Class means enjoying a unique experience of comfort, elegance, innovation and attention to detail, from the moment you reach the airport to the time you arrive at your destination.

Treat yourself to unparalleled comfort for your international travels with our exclusive Business class deals from Accra and Dakar to Italy and Europe.

By choosing Business class aboard our new Airbus A321neo, you will fly in a relaxing and exclusive environment designed to make your flight even more enjoyable.

Throughout your journey, you'll have access to exclusive services including priority boarding, increased baggage allowance, comfortable sleeper chairs that recline by 180 degrees, and immersive entertainment on 17” screens with 4K resolution, ensuring a relaxed departure and arrival experience.

Here are some examples of round-trip, all-inclusive deals:

ACCRA - ROME from €1.800
ACCRA - MILAN from €1.720
ACCRA - CATANIA from €1.993
ACCRA - MADRID from €1.720
DAKAR - ROME from €1.322
DAKAR - MILAN from €1.104
DAKAR - PALERMO from €1.200
DAKAR - FRANKFURT from €1.246


  • All offers can be purchased to fly to Italy and Europe until 25 June 2024:
  • Travel period:
    • From Accra between 6 June to 30 November 2024;
    • From Dakar between 3 July to 30 November 2024;
  • Offers refer to Business Class round-trip journeys operated by ITA Airways;