Faq - Frequently asked questions

1.     How can I subscribe to the Volare program?

To join the Program you need to subscribe through the ITA Airways website or App (available for  iOS and Android). Membership in the program is always free and each member can withdraw at any time and without incurring any costs. Deletion of your profile will take effect immediately and unused points will be lost.
Click here for further information.

2.     What are the Clubs of the program and how can I join them?

Member’ access to the Exclusive Clubs will take place upon reaching the necessary points threshold.

  • Club Smart: no minimum score threshold.
  • Club Plus: starting at 30,000 qualifying points.
  • Club Premium: starting at 60,000 qualifying points.
  • Club Executive: starting at 90,000 qualifying points.

Access to the subsequent club, once the minimum point threshold has been reached, is automatic after being recorded by the system and announced to the member.

3.     How long do I keep my club membership?

Once the necessary points threshold has been accumulated, switching from one Club to the next will occur automatically. The member can immediately take advantage of the benefits of the Club reached and their membership in the same Club will continue until the end of the following calendar year. The qualifying points must be sufficient to maintain your position in the Club you belong to. If the points are not sufficient, the Volare Member will be downgraded from that category.

4.     What are the benefits of the various Clubs in the Volare program?

Each Volare Club offers numerous benefits to enhance your travel experience, from priority check-in to ITA Airways lounge access. 

Find out which services you can access.

5.     When will I be eligible for recognition of benefits on SkyTeam partner airline flights? Can I earn points travelling with SkyTeam partner airlines?

SkyPriority services are valid. Agreements with SkyTeam on the possibility of accruing and redeeming points with the Frequent Flyer programs of other member airlines are being finalized.

However, at the moment Volare Members can already start earning qualifying and non-qualifying points with some airlines belonging to the SkyTeam alliance. To find out which companies in the SkyTeam alliance you can earn Volare points with, visit the website. For more information regarding the terms and conditions, visit the page dedicated to the company in question.

6.     Where can I find my Volare card?

It is accessible and visible in your personal area and in your ITA Airways app (available for iOS and Android). From the ITA Airways App, you can download your Volare card to your wallet. You will also receive your Volare card by email. In addition, it will display your Volare code. Please note that the Volare card for members belonging to Smart, Plus and Premium Clubs is issued digitally, not physically. Only members belonging to the Executive Club will have a physical copy of the Volare card.

7.     Where can I find my Volare Code? When should I use it?

It is accessible and visible in your personal area and in your ITA Airways app (available for iOS and Android). Remember to use it every time you book an ITA Airways flight and when checking in online.

8.     How can I certify my status when flying with ITA Airways? Which services can I access?

It is possible to certify the status in ITA Airways by showing your digital Volare card, which you received via email, visible in the personal area and the ITA Airways app (available for iOS and Android) since it has the value of certification of the membership Club for any access/use of the services reserved for it.

9.     I have been trying to access my Volare profile, but I am being asked to update my password. How can I update my password?

Ensuring the security of each Volare member's personal information is a priority of the program. For this reason, it is necessary to update the password that is associated with the Volare profile every 6 months. After logging in for the first time, Volare members will be able to automatically update their password, which must include:

  • 8 characters minimum
  • One lowercase character
  • One uppercase character
  • One number
  • One special character

10. How are the points calculated?

The air fare is divided into three components: ticket (net fare), fuel surcharge (YQ/YR) and taxes and charges. Based on the first two components, ticket and YQ/YR, 10 points will be credited for each euro spent on each coupon flown (basic credit) for flights sold and operated by ITA Airways. For more information regarding the calculation of points, please visit the link.

11. How are the points calculated for the purchase of additional services?

The crediting basis for additional services is 10 points for every euro spent. Accelerators set for purchasing additional services do not apply to the purchase of airline tickets.

12. Is there a difference between points?

There is an important difference between the types of Volare points you can earn. In fact, Volare points are divided into:

  • Qualifying points: these are obtained by purchasing flights both sold and operated by ITA Airways or through airline partners that have signed a Loyalty agreement. Qualifying points allow you to upgrade to the next Club level or maintain your membership on an annual basis. Qualifying points expire at the end of the current year.
  • Non-qualifying points: These represent the points balance that can be used to redeem flight rewards in Cash&Points mode and are valid until the end of the Volare program. They are obtained through the purchase of flights both sold and operated by ITA Airways, ancillary services and services offered by business partners or through airline partners that have signed a Loyalty agreement. They do not contribute toward upgrading or maintaining your membership in the Club you currently belong to.

13. How do accelerators work?

There are four categories of accelerators that act cumulatively and with no order of priority. The accelerators will allow the Volare member to earn more points as follows:

Club Category: 0% Smart, +10% Plus, +20% Premium, +30% Executive.
Network Category: 0% Domestic, +10% International, +20% Intercontinental.
Cabin Category: 0% Economy, +20% Premium Economy, +50% Business.
Fare Category: 0% Light, +20% Classic, +30% Flex.

Accelerators set for purchasing additional services do not apply to the purchase of airline tickets. For more information on accelerators, please visit the link.

14. How long do the Volare points remain valid? Do they have an expiry date?

Qualifying points expire at the end of the current year while non-qualifying points remain valid for the duration of the Program. The Volare Program runs for 3 years (October 15, 2021 to October 15, 2024), unless extended. In any event, the total duration of the scheme, including any extensions, will be no more than five years.

15. Do my purchased flights contribute to the accumulation of points in the Volare program?

Yes, flights sold and operated by ITA Airways and also purchased and flown from October 15, 2021 contribute to the collection of points for the Volare program (according to the rules set out in the regulations) for all Members already enrolled in the program at the time of the booking and flight.
Members must be enrolled in the Volare program before flying in order to accumulate points. Please remember to enter your Volare code when purchasing or booking your flight or when checking in. If you do not enter your card number, you can still request points through the "Request points" function available in your personal area.

We also remind you that in order to have your points automatically credited to your account, including those which you have signed a Loyalty Agreement, you must enter your Volare code when you purchase your flight and/or when you check in.

For more information regarding the points and the distinction between qualifying and non-qualifying points, please visit the dedicated link.

16. My points have not been credited. How can I claim points?

The member must use their Volare Code during the booking or check-in phase to obtain automatic crediting of the points.

In the event that the member does not enter their Volare Code or if the points credited do not automatically appear two weeks following the date of the flight, they can request the crediting of points relating to ITA Airways flights through the "Request points" feature. The member can submit a request in their personal area by clicking on the "Request Points" section and entering the remaining 10 digits of the ticket after the code 055.

The Volare member can also use the "Request Points" function to request points to be credited for flights taken with airline partners that have signed a Loyalty agreement. For more information on the airline partner “Claim Points” feature, please visit the Claim Points dedicated page or the airline partners page.

17. What can I use my points for?

Currently, points can be used to purchase ITA Airways tickets in Cash&Points mode, as well as additional services such as Seat Choice, Baggage and Lounge at the time of booking or later by contacting the Customer Center. You can also use your points to enjoy partner services. New business partnerships are being established. For further details, visit the website.

18. I am unable to use the points I have earned, why?

Check the points available in your balance: the minimum points that can be used by a member is 1/50th of the cost of the ticket after taxes and applicable fees.

19. What is the Cash&Points mode? 

Cash&Points mode refers to the option available to members logged into their personal area whereby they can use their accumulated points to purchase one of the rewards, paying in full or even partially with points. In the second case, the difference will be paid with currency. Taxes should always be paid with currency and never with points. Payment can only be made by credit card.

20. Is it possible to earn points by purchasing a ticket through the Cash&Points mode?

No, this is not possible. The member will not be able to accumulate points on the purchase of tickets made in Cash&Points mode. This means they will not get points on the part of the ticket paid in currency.

21. In addition to purchasing the ancillary Seat Selection service in Cash&Points mode, is it possible to purchase baggage and/or lounge access with points?

Yes, is it possible to purchase baggage and/or lounge access with points, either when booking the flight or by contacting the Customer Center.

22. Can I request a refund for a ticket purchased in Cash&Points mode?

Yes, this is possible. If the conditions for a refund are met, the customer will receive an immediate refund of the amount paid in euros and, at a later date, a refund of the points and crediting of their balance. Points will be re-credited within 60 days.

23. As a Plus, Premium or Executive Member, can I take advantage of the free seat assignment?

All Plus, Premium and Executive members are entitled to free pre-allocation of a seat in the area of the aircraft reserved for their respective Club membership. You can select your favorite seat in the following ways:

When purchasing the ticket, you can select it online, on the ita-airways.com website and on our app, or through travel agencies, ITA Airways airport ticket offices.

After purchasing your ticket, you can select it during online check-in (starting 48 hours before flight departure and 24 hours before for flights to/from the USA), at the airport (before the flight, at check-in desks).

24. Is the pre-assignment option available on all flights?

Yes, on all flights operated by ITA Airways. Codeshare flights operated by other carriers are excluded.

25. As a Plus, Premium or Executive member, can I receive free extra baggage?

All Plus, Premium and Executive members are entitled to a special baggage allowance.

When you check in online, you can add free baggage by logging into your personal area. Alternatively, present your card at check-in at the airport.

26. I have two or more user profiles but I would like to merge them, what can I do?

At this time, it is not possible to merge two or more accounts in order to transfer points. If you have deleted one or more accounts, the points associated with the deleted account will also be deleted and can no longer be recovered.

For further information, visit the link

27.     I am a SkyTeam Elite/Elite Plus passenger. Upon flying with ITA Airways, do I have a dedicated baggage allowance?

As a SkyTeam Elite/Elite Plus passenger you will have a dedicated baggage allowance based on the travel class selected:

  • Economy: 1 additional hold baggage weighing 23kg
  • Premium Economy: 1 additional hold baggage weighing 23kg
  • Business: 1 additional hold baggage weighing 32kg

28.     I am a SkyTeam Elite/Elite Plus passenger. Upon flying with ITA Airways, can I select my seat free of charge?

Yes, SkyTeam Elite/Elite Plus passengers can select their favorite seat when they fly with ITA Airways based on their membership status.

Elite passengers can select their favorite seat in the rear section of our aircraft in Economy Class. Elite Plus passengers, instead, can select their favorite seat in the front, standard and rear sections of our aircraft in Economy Class.

Instead, Elite & Elite Plus passengers traveling in Premium Economy, Business or Superior Class can enjoy a Front (available only on short and medium-haul flights in Business and Superior Class), Duo or Standard seat of their choosing.