Flying safely

The safety of everyone, passengers and staff, has always been our number one priority. We want the travel experience to be as comfortable and safe as possible, both on the ground and on board, and for this reason, we have implemented safety solutions in coordination with the Health Authorities.



During all operations carried out at the airport (check-in, transit, boarding, disembarkment, baggage claim, security checks, etc.) it is necessary to maintain a safe distance of at least one metre. It is also recommended that you wear a protective mask from the moment you arrive at the airport.    

Airport areas are cleaned and sanitized several times a day:


  • By the airport authorities, for common areas;
  • By the airline, for dedicated areas.


To guarantee social distancing, boarding operations will be carried out in groups of rows starting from the rear of the aircraft.  Where possible, boarding will be carried out via the jet-bridge; if a shuttle is used, we have a limit on the maximum number of passengers. In either case you will always have to wear a mask and keep an interpersonal distance of one meter.


In order to ensure the highest possible level of safety, all lounges are temporarily closed. For those entitled to lounge access at Rome Fiumicino and New York, it will be possible to collect a voucher at check-in to be used at selected food outlets.




All of our aircrafts are sanitised with high-powered sanitising products every day and, thanks to HEPA filters and vertical circulation, the air on board is not only renewed every three minutes, but it is also 99.7% pure, just like in a sterile medical room.                                   

In particular:

  • Passengers may bring on board only one piece of  hand baggage not larger than the maximum allowed size; personal belongings of smaller size (such as handbags, backpacks, laptop computers) must be placed under the seat. The use of overhead bins to store pieces of clothing (such as jackets, pullover etc) is forbidden and such items must be packed in the hand baggage before boarding. We also remind passengers, that in compliance with safety standards, in the event of flights with a high load factor, their hand baggage may be collected at the boarding gate to be put in the hold;

  • The on-board service has been reduced to minimize the flight crew passing through and stopping in the cabin; food and drink will be dispensed in a way that allows the highest hygiene standards to be maintained, in sealed single portions. You will still be guaranteed the possibility to request certain types of special meals;

  • The stages of boarding and disembarking from the aircraft must take place in an orderly manner, with a proper queue. Please carefully follow the instructions of our cabin crew.