Faq - Frequently asked questions

Is my MilleMiglia Ulisse, Freccia Alata, Freccia Alata Plus or ALITALIA card still valid on ITA services? 

The cards of the MilleMiglia program and its exclusive clubs (Ulisse, Freccia Alata, Freccia Alata Plus, Freccia Alata Plus) are not valid on the VOLARE program owned by ITA Airways

The MilleMiglia program belongs to Alitalia Loyalty SpA with which ITA Airways, by virtue of the conditions set by the European Commission, cannot have any commercial relationship.

Will I be able to use the miles from the ALITALIA program to buy award tickets on ITA Airways flights?

Due to the conditions set by the European Commission for the approval of ITA's business plan, the latter will not be able to acquire, even through a competitive procedure, the Alitalia MilleMiglia Program. It is therefore recommended to contact Alitalia for information on how to manage the miles accumulated and not used by the date of 15/10/2021, the date of the start of ITA Airways operations. Alitalia miles cannot be used on ITA Airways flights.

How can I sign up to the Volare program?

To join the program you need to to sign up via the website  or  the ITA Airways app (available for iOS and for Android). Membership in the Program is always free and each Member can withdraw from the Program at any time and without incurring any costs. Deletion of the profile will take effect immediately and unused points will be lost.
Please click here for further information.

I signed up for the Volare program but did not receive a membership number:

Thank you for joining the Volare program. You can view your membership number in your personal area, on the website and on the ITA Airways app. If you have any issues at all please don't hesitate to contact us.

Do the purchased flights contribute to the collection of the points provided for by the Volare program?
Yes, the flights simultaneously sold and operated by ITA Airways purchased and flown from 15/10/2021 contribute to the collection of points in the Volare program (according to the rules set out in the regulation) for all members registered at the time of booking and flight.

Flight tracking will take place automatically if you purchase tickets on the ITA Airways site by logging in to your personal area.

For all other forms of purchase (for example bookings via an agency), the system has activated a "request points" function in your personal area.

For more information regarding the points and the distinction between qualifying and non-qualifying points, please visit the dedicated link.

What are the benefits of the various tiers of the “Volare” program?

Each Volare Club offers numerous benefits to enhance your travel experience, from priority check-in to ITA Airways lounge access.

Find out which services you can access.

As a Plus, Premium or Executive Member, can I take advantage of the free seat assignment?

All Plus, Premium and Executive members are entitled to advance seat assignment in the aircraft's area of the Club you belong to. You can select your preferred seat in the following ways:

§  When purchasing your ticket, you can select it online, on the website and through our APP, or through travel agencies, ITA Airways airport ticket offices and our Customer Center (link)

§  After purchasing your ticket, you can select it during online check-in (48 hours prior to the departure of the flight and 24 hours prior to the departure of the flights to/from the USA), at the airport (before the flight, at the check-in desks) or by contacting our Customer Center.

Is the advance seat assignment option available on all flights?

Yes, on all flights operated by ITA Airways. Codeshare flights operated by other carriers are excluded.

Do I have to select a seat?

Absolutely not! If you prefer not to choose a seat, the system will assign one free of charge, based on availability and operational and safety criteria.

I have not purchased my ticket on Can I still select my seat?

Yes, you can select it in the dedicated section during online check-in, by calling our Customer Center or directly at the airport, at the check-in desks.

Is it possible to change the seat and/or flight after selecting it?

You can change your purchased seat to another seat of the same category for free as long as it is on the same flight. However, it is always possible to make a change:

§  with a seat of a lower category, but the price previously paid will not be refunded;

§  with a higher category seat by contacting our Customer Center or directly at the airport at the check-in desks integrating the price difference.

Any voluntary modification requested by the customer in relation to the flight (for example: change of date, flight, route), will result in the loss of the “Seat Selection” service for the modified flight segment, without the possibility of requesting a refund. “Seat Selection” can be repurchased, if available, for the updated sections of the itinerary.

If you purchased your seat before 31 May 2022, you can change it by contacting our Customer Center or directly at the airport:

§  with a seat of a lower price, but any price difference will not be refunded;

§  with a higher price seat by integrating the price difference.

Can I request a refund for the 'Seat Selection' service?

The refund of the entire cost of the service may be requested in the following cases:

1. Disruption attributable to ITA Airways (for example, cancellation of the flight, modified aircraft configuration), in cases where the re-routing of the passenger on a new flight, and/or on different aircraft type, does not allow the new assignment in the same seat category but in a lower category than the one initially purchased. The seats on our flights in Economy Class are classified according to their original value in the following category order:   

a. Comfort Economy Seat
b. Top Seat
c. Front Seat
d. Standard Seat
e. Rear Seat

In the event of a new assignment from a Comfort Economy seat to a Top Seat, only the difference in cost of the service between the two categories of seat will be refunded; 

2.  Loss of connection for the flight on which the seat was purchased following a delay in a flight operated by ITA Airways or by a Partner Airline (in the case of a single ticket);

3. Technical problems with the seat purchased after reporting the issues to the crew;

4. Seat reassignment before or after boarding by ITA Airways for operational or safety reasons.

Where applicable, you can request a refund here.

I have selected my seat, but subsequently have done a request for an Upgrade to Premium Economy/Business class. Am I entitled to a refund?

Yes, if you purchase an Upgrade (Premium Economy and/or Business Class) you can request a refund by contacting our Customer Center.

Can I also select a seat located near the emergency exits?

To purchase the seats located at the emergency exits, special requirements must be met: For more information, visit the special page

Can I transfer my paid seat to another person?

No, the seat selection supplement is not transferable to third parties.

As a Plus, Premium or Executive Member, can I receive free extra baggage?

All Plus, Premium and Executive members are entitled to a special baggage allowance.

Please follow the instructions below:

  • By accessing your personal area, you can receive a free baggage allowance during online check-in
  • Show your card directly at the airport upon check-in


 How long does the VOLARE program last?

 The Volare program has a duration of three years (from 15 October 2021 to 15 October 2024), unless extended. In any case, the total duration of the operation, including any extensions, will be less than five years.

Where can I see my Status Match? Why can't I see my Status Match?

For customers who have joined the Status Match campaign (2 August 2022 - 30 September 2022), the new status and the related digital card will be recognized in the ITA Airways systems as soon as the matching process has been completed, and the Members will receive a communication via email confirming this recognition within 60 days of the request.

How can I certify my status when flying with ITA Airways? Which services can I access?

It is possible to certify the status in ITA Airways by showing the digital membership card, which you received via esmail, visible in the personal area and the ITA Airways app (available for iOS and for Android) since it has the value of certification of the membership club for any access/use of the services reserved for it.

Where can i find my membership card?

It is available and visible in the personal area, and the ITA Airways app (available for iOS and for Android). You will also receive your membership card by email.

Where can I find my FF code? When should I use it?

It is available and visible in the personal area, and the ITA Airways app (available for iOS and for Android). Remember to use it every time you book an ITA Airways flight and when checking in online or at the desk.

How are the points calculated?

The air fare is divided into three components: ticket (net fare), fuel surcharge (YQ) and taxes and charges. Based on the first two components, ticket and YQ, ten points will be credited for each euro spent on each coupon flown (basic credit), for flights simultaneously sold and operated by ITA Airways. For more information regarding the calculation of points,please visit the link.

How do multipliers work?

There are four categories of multipliers which act cumulatively and without order of priority.

For more information on multipliers, please visit the link.

Is there a difference between points?

Qualifying points are used to obtain an upgrade to a higher club or the maintenance of the one they belong to; qualifying points expire at the end of the current year. Non-qualifying points represent the points balance that can be spent to request award flights and are valid until the expiry of the Volare program (15/10/2024 as indicated in the Regulations). They are obtained by purchasing ITA Airways flights and ancillary services. They do not contribute to the upgrade or maintenance of their position in the club they belong to.

For more information regarding points, please visit the link.

As for the additional services, how are the points calculated?

For ancillary services, the accreditation principle is the basic one of ten points for each euro spent. For the purchase of additional services, the additional multipliers provided for the purchase of airline tickets do not apply.

What can I use my points for?

At the moment, the accumulated points can be used to purchase ITA Airways tickets in Cash & Points mode. New agreements are being finalized and more information will be provided as soon as possible.

I am unable to use the points I have accumulated, why?

Check the available points in your balance: in order to use the accumulated points it is necessary to have at least 200 points available. What does the "Promo x2" campaign consist of?

The promo x2 campaign allows you to benefit from double points accumulation on all ITA Airways flights purchased between 1/03 and 31/03 and flown no later than 31/08. The points accumulated at the same time as the promo x2 will also be considered "qualifying", ie they will compete for the Club upgrade and will be credited starting from 15/03.

I have two or more user profiles but I would like to unify them, what can I do?

It is currently not possible to merge two accounts to transfer points. If you have deleted one or more accounts, the points associated with the deleted account will also be deleted and no longer recoverable.

For further information, please visit the link.

When will I be eligible for recognition of benefits on SkyTeam partner airline flights?

 Agreements with Skyteam are being finalized and more information will be provided as soon as possible.

 I have not received the points credited/How can I make a refund request?

If you do not find the points credited for one or more tickets, you can proceed with the request for the refund of the points by accessing the personal area via the web and app (available for iOS and for Android) by clicking on the "Request Points" area of the Notice Board. At that point you simply have to enter the number of the ticket for which you want to make the request and, if the ticket number is entered correctly, you will be able to see the request you just created in the section below "Request Points". If the criteria are met, you will receive the points credited within 30 days of the request.