ITA Airways for Sustainability



ITA Airways is adopting a next-generation fleet that relies on leading edge technologies to optimize the efficiency and quality of the company’s portfolio and significantly reduce environmental impact.

In line with the company’s Strategic Plan, ITA Airways aims to upgrade 90% of its fleet to environment-friendly aircraft that consume 25% fuel and emit less CO₂, with the target of becoming the greenest airline company in Europe.

The expansion of the next-generation fleet represents another step forward in ITA Airways’ growth strategy, with a sharp focus on sustainability to benefit both the environment and society as a whole.

Airbus A350-900

An important part of the ITA Airways fleet, the Airbus A350-900 is one of the most modern, efficient and technologically advanced aircrafts currently on the market. Used for intercontinental routes,

compared to previous generation aircrafts, the A350-900:

  •  is much more silent with a 40% reduction in noise pollution;
  •  weighs less than 8 tons = equals less fuel = less CO2;
  •  reduces fuel consumption by 25% per passenger, with a decrease of more than 20,000 tons of CO2 per year;
  •  provides 12 additional tons of payload on longer trips, the equivalent of 1,200 additional nautical miles.

The A350-900 is an Airbus showpiece: compared to previous generations, the weight of the structure has been decreased by 70%, thanks to the extensive use of composite materials, titanium, aluminum alloys and a 25% reduction in fuel consumption. One of its most significant features is the “cabin pressure” (the pressure of the air that the passengers breath), which corresponds to an altitude of approximately 1.800 meters versus the 2.400-2.500 meters of its rivals, which helps reduce fatigue and the physical effects of being seated for long periods of time.

Then there’s its reduced weight, advanced aerodynamics and efficient engine. All factors that help to ensure an excellent onboard experience.

One of the six A350-900s currently in the ITA Airways fleet, is the first to be fitted out with the “Born to Be Sustainable” colors, reaffirming the company’s commitment to sustainability. 

Airbus A220-300

The A220-300 is a single-aisle Airbus aircraft with a narrow fuselage. Due to its compact size (150-160 seats compared to 300-350 for an A350), it is the 'baby brother' of the other next-generation aircrafts in the ITA Airways fleet. 

Used for short- and medium-haul flights, the key strengths of this aircraft are its advanced aerodynamics and the new turbofan engines, purposely design for the plane, which allow for a 25% reduction in fuel consumption (and consequently CO2emissions), compared to previous generation aircraft. Furthermore, the improved acoustics provide for a 50% reduction in noise emissions.

Passengers can enjoy the comfort of a cabin that has been specifically designed for an exceptional flight experience: wider seats and windows, more spacious overhead bins for carry-on luggage, and low noise levels.

Together with the A350-900, four of ITA Airways’ A220-300s will be fly in the «Born to Be Sustainable» colors, as a testament to the company’s constant commitment to sustainability. 

Airbus A320neo

The A320neo is a single-aisle, narrow fuselage aircraft and one of the most advanced in the world in terms of fuel consumption. 

Equipped with two highly advanced engines – the Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower PW1100G-JM geared turbofan and the CFM International’s LEAP-1A - the A320neo delivers outstanding operational, economic and environmental performance.

The 2.4-meter-long wings reduce fuel consumption by up to 4% on long-distance flights, guaranteeing reduced annual consumption and a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 900 tons. 

Overall, the A320neo provides fuel savings of 20% and increased reduction of CO2 compared to previous generation aircraft. 

Passengers can enjoy the comfort of a cabin that has been purpose-designed for an exceptional flight experience: full-LED lighting, which helps reduce the effects of jetlag, wider windows with redesigned frames and fully integrated blinds.

Airbus A330-900neo

The A330-900neo is a versatile and innovative aircraft that provides passengers with a stimulating and relaxing onboard experience.

Designed for optimal efficiency on short-, mid- and long-haul flights, the aircraft’s fuel-saving features reduce CO2 emissions by 25% compared to previous generation planes. 

Fitted with the new Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines, the A330neo incorporates onboard aerodynamic technologies, such as the devices that extend the wing opening to four meters, for increased lift and reduced resistance.

The cabin of the A330-900neo combines the elegance of its unique and distinctive design with innovate features, ensuring maximum passenger comfort, using the very same technologies they have become accustomed to on the ground: increased space, wide seats, cutting-edge onboard entertainment and lighting, with the welcome addition of Wi-Fi and email services.