ITA Airways for Sustainability


Voglia di Volare (Will to Fly) is a course created by ITA Airways to help people rediscover the pleasure of flying, welcoming them into the heart of the airline's activities, its Flight Center, where flight personnel are trained and you can touch the world of aviation first-hand and savor the beauty of 'flying' before boarding a plane.

The Voglia di Volare program is aimed not only at those who have never flown, but also at occasional or regular travelers for whom flying has always caused some concerns.

The courses are articulated through an immersive two-day experience participants will be able to: explore psychological issues, meet an ITA Airways commander to learn more about aeronautical topics, experience the flight simulator, fly accompanied by airline staff, and benefit from a year of post-course assistance on all ITA Airways flights.

This activity is part of the Customer at the Center approach pursued by ITA Airways through the implementation of increasingly targeted initiatives, aimed at satisfying people's different travel needs.