In flight

Wellbeing on board, electronic devices and special meals: everything you need to know to make your trip a pleasant and safe one.


It is possible to book a special meal on Intercontinental flights (in all classes), on International flights in Business class and on International flights over 3 hours also in Economy class.

Reservations can be made:


There are three categories of special meals available on board:

Please select the option that matches your needs.


For people who have an allergy or an intollerance to peanuts, given the complex process of producing and loading the on-board catering, ITA Airways is unable to guarantee that meals are completely free from traces of  allergens. Furthermore, ITA Airways does not guarantee the total absence of peanuts or peanut-derived substances in the meals/snacks offered to passengers on board its flights.

It is therefore recommended that passengers suffering from a food intolerance to peanuts always carry medication to be used in the event of an allergic reaction during their trip (EpiPen or another anaphylactic substance that can be used personally and a thermal bag), as well as any another remedy deemed necessary by their general doctor or specialist. It is also recommended to wear a bracelet indicating the allergy and, if accompanied by family or traveling companions, to ensure that at least one of them is trained and instructed in the administration of the medication, should it be necessary. In any case, unaccompanied passengers must be able to carry out self-administration of the medication.