Terms and conditions



1. Definitions 

"ITA" refers to ITA Airways with registered office in Rome (RM), Via Venti Settembre No. 97, 00187, share capital of EUR 720,000,000.00 fully paid-up, tax code, VAT number and registration number in the Register of Companies of Rome 15907661001, R.E.A. of Rome 1622937.                

"Customer" refers to an ITA Airways airline ticket holder, who is of age, who wishes to book one or more services from the Personalized Services range at the airport.                             

"Meet & Greet Services" or "Service" or "Services": refers to a range of services offered to the Customer at Fiumicino airport including as appropriate: reception and escort assistance by dedicated staff working on behalf of ITA Airways, upon departure, arrival or during flight transit, as well as other services, including: Fast Track, passport control, escort assistance for boarding and other optional services.               

By "Terms and Conditions": these general conditions of sale are understood to define the methods of booking, purchasing and providing the "Meet & Greet" Service.

"Website": refers to the internet site www.ita-airways.com                        


2. Description of the "Meet & Greet" Services               

The Service can be booked by specifying the type of assistance requested, with the possibility of choosing some optional services, as illustrated below:               

A) The Departure Service includes: 

· Welcome on arrival at the airport and assistance with check-in and baggage check-in operations. 

· Assistance in travel procedures. 

· Escort at the boarding gate (when boarding by jet bridge). 

· Transfer by private car to the aircraft if plane parked in a remote location (where provided). 


B) The Transit Service includes: 

· Reception alongside and transport by private car if the aircraft is parked in a remote location(where provided). 

· Reception at the arrival area of the bus or at the jet bridge for disembarkment. 

· Assistance in the transit phase with escort to the departure gate. 

· Escort to the boarding gate (in case of boarding by jet bridge). 

· Transfer by private car to the aircraft if plane parked in a remote location(where provided). 


C) The Arrival Service includes: 

· Reception on board the flight arrival and transfer by private car in case of disembarkation in a remote location (where provided). 

· Assistance at the arrival area of the bus or at the disembarkation jet bridge and assistance during the entire disembarkation process and immigration checks. 

· Assistance in retrieving baggage.               

The Services booked by a Customer are personal, nominative and not transferable to third parties. 

3. Reservation and Terms of Purchase of the service and cancellation:               

3.1. The reservation of the Services must be made: 

· At least 48 hours before the arrival/transit/departure of the flight; 

· By sending an email addressed to: SpecialServices@ita-airways.com (to insert in the subject: Meet & Greet)  

  • from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm; Sundays and holidays from 9 am to 2 pm 

· Using the email address or telephone contact on the website www.Ita-airways.com  in the page dedicated to the service. 


3.2   once the payment has been made, the Customer will receive a confirmation email with the receipt and the details relating to the service purchased. 

3.3 The Service can be canceled, without any charge, no later than 48 hours before the departure/transit/arrival of the flight. After this point, the full amount will be charged. 

3.4 When booking the Service, the Customer undertakes to provide to ITA Airways  the information necessary to personalize the service. If the information provided is incorrect, ITA Airways assumes no responsibility for the failure or different provision of the requested services.               

3.5 The rates are differentiated by type of package, based on the number of people and refer to the time of purchase of the service.                  


4. Payment  

Payment will be made by credit card with Euro currency, and can be made with one of the following credit cards: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Diners (Italy only).                

5. Commitments of ITA Airways 

5.1   ITA  Airwaysundertakes to provide the Services that have been booked in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.               

5.2   ITA Airways informs and notifies the Customer that the same may be obliged to modify the performance of the Services for needs relating to the safety and/or protection of persons, structures and/or services.         
In these cases ITA Airways will endeavor to inform the Customer of such changes as soon as possible and to find a solution that allows them to adapt the Services while maintaining satisfactory conditions for the Customer in relation to the provision of the same.                             

5.3 In the event that the Services cannot be guaranteed or modified for the aforementioned reasons, ITA Airways cannot be held responsible for any failure to provide any aspect of the Services. A Customer who has not been able to use the booked Services will be refunded.                

6. Modification of the Services after booking   

6.1 Services booked by a Customer can be modified by providing communication no later than 48 hours from the agreed time for presentation at the airport, under the following conditions:                      

(i) the Price will not change; 
(ii) the same type of services purchased will be maintained, regardless of the date/time change;  
(iii) it will not be possible to change the Customer's name.                           


7. Terms of reimbursement                

7.1 The refund of the service will be possible in the following cases: 

·  Due to disruption (e.g. flight delay or cancellation) and ITA failed to re-protect the purchased service; 

· Cancellation communicated no later than 48 hours before flight departure/transit/arrival. 

7.2   The Customer can request a refund through the same purchase channel for the service.               

7.3.  The refund cannot be made if the cause of the failure to perform the service is attributable to the Customer or if the same has not observed the conditions defined in these Terms and Conditions.  


8. Terms of use relating to the Services  

8.1 For the Meet & Greet service on departure, the Customer must arrive at the place and time agreed by email.  

8.2   ITA Airways is not required to provide the service purchased in the event of a no-show (no-show by the Customer) and/or a delay of more than 30 minutes with respect to the agreed appointment time.               

8.3   ITA  Airways is not responsible for the non-departure of the Customer, in the event that the same is late for boarding.               

8.4 For the Meet & Greet service upon arrival, the place and time of the appointment with dedicated staff working on behalf of ITA Airways will be defined based on the previously agreed time or based on the actual flight arrival time in case of early or late flight.              


9. Liability   

9.1 For Services performed after passing the gate for boarding and before exiting the arrival gates, the liability rules provided for by the Montreal Convention and the General Conditions of Carriage apply ITA Airways.               

9.2 ITA Airways is not responsible for damage to persons and property occurring before passing through the boarding gate and after exiting the incoming gates, unless they were caused by ITA Airways or by dedicated personnel who work on behalf of ITA Airways with willful misconduct or gross negligence.                             

10. Force majeure  

ITA Airways can not be held responsible or in default in the event of failure to perform all or part of the services and services booked if this is due to a case of force majeure. 

In this case, the Customer will not be able to demand any indemnity, interest or compensation for direct or indirect damages deriving from the failure to perform the services.                            


11. Data processing 

"Pursuant to and by effect of Legislative Decree No. 196/03 and subsequent amendments and EU Regulation 2016/679, the Company declares that the personal data connected with this deed will be processed, whether automated or not, exclusively to fulfill the contractual and legislative obligations deriving from the stipulation of the same. In particular, personal data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy which can be consulted at the following address: www.ita-airways.com          


12. Modification of these General Conditions of Sale  

ITA Airways reserves the right to modify the personalized services at the airport and these General Conditions of Sale at any time, the Conditions of sale provided at the time of booking will be guaranteed, except in the case that the change is required by law or by an authority governmental. In this case the change will be applicable to all orders already placed.                            


13. Jurisdiction  

These Terms and Conditions are subject to Italian law. In the event of a dispute, the Court of Rome shall be the competent judicial authority.