ITA Airways World

Meticulous attention to service quality, fleet maintenance and passenger assistance make ITA Airways Italy’s leading airline group.


ITA Airways is born with the ambitious aim of being one of the most ecological, inclusive and meritocracy companies in Europe. For this reason, we have included environmental, social and governance sustainability as fundamental pillars of our Business Plan and we have established concrete actions and objectives to be pursued in each of the three areas.  


To reduce the environmental impact, we will progressively renew the fleet, until reaching 80% of new generation aircrafts in 2026. More modern, efficient and comfortable aircrafts with lower CO2 emissions. 

We are working with national and international stakeholders to incorporate the use of sustainable aviation fuel into our operating standards.

In addition, on board our aircraft, we will use only compostable materials and we will provide separate collection to minimize the environmental impact.  


We believe in the value of our people and we want to invest in their future through training and development programs. We will strive to promote the creation of an inclusive culture, cultivating and enhancing diversity as a successful strategic resource by giving preference to partners that promote the same values.  


Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategies and our internal processes. All of our actions are driven by a code of conduct that binds both our people and external partners. Moreover, we will establish performance and incentive objectives, linked not only to economic results but also to sustainability results.

Since environmental protection cannot wait any longer, it is time to move from words to deeds.