New Delhi. New flight

New Delhi is not just the capital city of India but a unique location where a mix of cultures, colors and traditions contribute to make it one of the most popular destinations among travelers who love new discoveries and adventure.

Start your visit in Old Delhi, the old city: catch a rickshaw or a tuk-tuk and explore the alleys of Chandni Chowk Market, the oldest in the city. You will surely find someone to advise you on what to try from the incredible local street food. Try the pakora, vegetable pancakes, and drink some chai, the famous spiced tea with milk.

And do not forget to head to the Red Fort, the Imperial Palace, a World Heritage site just like the Tomb of Humayun, surrounded by a wonderful Persian architectural garden. And after that? Impossible not to pay a visit to the Taj Mahal, one of the most beautiful sites of the country, only two hours away from the Capital.

Are you ready for India? Start packing your bags!

New Delhi* can be reached with connections from all our hubs.

Rome - New Delhi 4 weekly flights: Monday*, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday
 02.10pm - 02.00am

New Delhi - Rome 4 weekly flights: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday*
 03:50am - 08:10am


*The flight will have:

  • 4 weekly frequencies from March to May;
  • 3 weekly frequencies in June;
  • 4 weekly frequencies in July;
  • 5 weekly frequencies from August to September.

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