Flight controllers strike on 4 June

Due to a ENAV and Handling Providers strike called on 4 June 2023 (5 hours from 12:00 to 17:00) ITA Airways flights might be cancelled and/or delayed. 
The Company was forced to cancel 116  flights (domestic and international).

A list of canceled flights is available here.

To minimize inconvenience for passengers, ITA Airways has put in place an extraordinary plan and rebooked the highest possible number of travelers impacted by the cancellations: 60% will be able to fly on 4 June.

ITA Airways invites all customers already holding tickets for travel on 4 June to check the status of their flights before going to the airport on the ita-airways.com website, Flight Info page, or contacting the travel agency where the ticket was bought.

Travellers holding tickets and eventually affected by a cancellation or schedule change of ITA Airways flights on 4 June can rebook their flight at no additional cost or penalty, or ask for a full ticket refund (only if the flight is cancelled or the delay on departure exceeds 5 hours) by 9 June 2023, or call the airline at the toll-free number 800 93 60 90 (within Italy), at +39 +39 06 8596 0020 (from abroad), or contact the travel agency where the ticket was bought.