Already dreaming about your summer? 

Greece will stimulate your imagination with a history packed full with mythological tales and charming coasts bathed by a breathtaking sea.  

Be inspired by the many destinations for summer 2022 and choose from Corfu, Cephalonia, Heraklion, RhodesThessaloniki



A unique crossroads of Venetian, French and English influences, Corfu will win you over not only through its historical heritage, but for its perfect combination of entertainment, small fishing villages, picturesque views and countless beaches to meet all tastes. Green, or rather extremely green, its luxuriant vegetation creates a wonderful contrast with the white sand and the crystalline Ionian Sea.

Rome - Corfu and VV From 3 to 31 August: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
Milan - Corfu and VV From 1 to 29 August: Monday, Thursday and Saturday



The largest of the Ionian islands, Cephalonia is the perfect destination for those looking for the tranquility of the sea, unspoiled beaches and contact with nature, perhaps also venturing into the woods and mountains of the hinterland to do some trekking. Don't miss Melissani Cave, with its half saltwater and half freshwater underground lake, the sunset from the stunning Myrtos Beach and the breathtaking view from the peaks of Mount Aenos.

Rome - Cephalonia and VV From 1 to 29 August: Monday and Friday


The main city of the island of Crete, Heraklion is an excellent starting point for discovering the island of the Minotaur, among ancient ruins such as the Palace of Knossos, mountains full of local charm and gorges that open onto a turquoise sea. With something to meet all your needs, to the north it provides a well-equipped coastline and nightlife, while the south offers secret and secluded spots. Don't miss Balos Lagoon, widely considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, the pink sand and shallow waters of Elafonisi and the wild gorges of Samaria.

Rome - Heraklion and VV From 2 to 30 August: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Milan - Heraklion and VV From 2 to 30 August: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday


Legend has it that Apollo, God of the Sun, chose the island as his home, which is why Rhodes is blessed with 300 days of good weather a year. The largest island of the Dodecanese, its coastline offers landscapes of all kinds: from the rocky and jagged walls in the west to beaches of fine sand that fade into the shallow waters of the sea in the east. And there is no lack of the charm of ancient Greece: Rhodes' old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while from the peaks of its Acropolis the view extends to Turkey.

Rome - Rodhes and VV From 3 to 31 August: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
Milan - Rodhes and VV From 10 to 31 July: Sunday and Thursday
From 2 to 30 August: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
From 1 to 11 September: Thursday and Sunday



Thessaloniki is one of the youngest and most dynamic resorts in the country, an ideal access point to reach the islands of Skiathos and Skopelos or to explore the Halkidiki region. This area, almost unknown to Italian tourists, was loved by Maria Callas and is still the destination of numerous movie stars. With its characteristic shape that resembles three fingers, it offers different holidays according to the area: nightlife in the west, wild nature in the center and a poetic mysticism in the east.

Milan - Thessaloniki and VV From 3 to 31 August: Wednesday and Saturday


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