Japan reopens to independent travelers

Fly non-stop to Tokyo Haneda airport from Rome Fiumicino. Book now your direct flight to Japan's capital city!

Tokyo is another dimension, another reality, another world.

Few places can surprise quite like the capital of the Rising Sun.

Here the  the ancient culture of the geishas and samurai mixes with the eccentric modernity of the skyscrapers, and every neighborhood is like a tiny city.

You can go from Shibuya , with its neon signs, the busiest traffic intersection in the world and its statue of the dog Hachikō, to Akihabara , the realm of electronics and manga, before reaching Ueno , a wonderful cultural park where you can admire the cherry blossom in spring.                    

To really experience the essence of this magical city, a visit to the Sensō-ji buddhist temple is must, whose majestic pagoda provides an evocative window on the past, as is a stroll through the streets of Ginza to taste the finest ramen in the world.

At Tokyo you will find whatever it is you're looking for, and if you don't, then it probably doesn't exist!

Are you ready for your own incredible trip to Japan?

Then pack your bags because from 5 November our direct flights from Rome to Tokyo Haneda will start operating with the new Airbus 350 with convenient connections throughout Italy.

You can find the flight schedule below:

Rome - Tokyo From 5 November 2022 to 23 March 2023:
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Tokyo - Rome From 6 November 2022 to 24 March 2023:
Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

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