Additional Services

For a unique travel experience, enjoy all the extra comfort and services offered by ITA Airways and its partners.

What do you want from your flight? Whether it's comfort, relaxation, speed or total convenience, we have the right solution to meet your needs!                     

Select your preferred seat on board our planes in Economy Class: based on the fare class of your ticket and membership of the exclusive clubs of the Volare program, this option is available either free of charge or for a small additional fee: select your seat and fly how you want!                    


If your fare class does not include free seat selection and you decide not to purchase your preferred seat, the system will assign you one free of charge during check-in, based on availability and operational and security policies.


You can select your preferred seat in the following ways.

  • When buying your ticket:
    • Online, on the website or via our app;
    • Through travel agencies, ITA Airways airport ticket offices, our Customer Center.

  •  After purchasing your ticket:
    • through ‘My flights’ up to 48 hours before the departure of the flight;
    • during online check-in starting 48 hours before flight departure and 24 hours before (for flights to/from the USA);
    • At the airport, before the flight, at the check-in desks;
    • By contacting our Customer Center.

Please note that the choice of seat may be free of charge based on the chosen fare class and membership in the exclusive Volare clubs.


Comfort Economy Seat
Choosing to fly in Comfort Economy makes for a great flight! You can enjoy not just a more comfortable seat but a whole range of services that make your trip unique, both on the ground and in the air.

The seats are located in row 30 to row 34 on the new Airbus A350s.

Top Seat
If you don't want to miss out on a totally relaxing flight, the Top Seat is the solution for you! The seats are located next to the emergency exits, which means you will have a bigger gap before the row in front, giving you more space to stretch out your legs and enjoy your flight to the fullest.                   

Front Seat
If you don't like wasting time, the Front Seat is the choice for you! Located immediately after the Business/Superior class, it will allow you to leave the aircraft even more quickly and immediately start doing the things you like best!

Lateral Seat (only on Airbus A330-900 and A330-200)
Aisle or window seat? The Lateral Seat is ideal for those who wish to gaze out of the window or enjoy the comfort of an aisle seat. Additionaly, thanks to the double seat configuration, it is the ideal solution for all traveling couples.

Standard Seat
Don't let someone else decide for you, make your own choice: window seat, aisle seat, or next to your friends. Choose the Standard Seat , and for a small additional fee you can make the most of your journey.

Back Seat
Whether it's an aisle, central or window seat, the Back Seat is the best option for anyone that wants to fly at a great price without giving up the option to choose.

Click here to view the onboard seat map.



Adults traveling with children under 12 years of age in the same booking can select a Back Seat free of charge; adults traveling with children under two years of age can, free of charge, also select a Standard Seat. The assignment of seats adjacent to the minor is guaranteed for at least one of the two parents or for a companion.

In the event that the online check-in process does not assign seats adjacent to the minor of a parent or companion, you can call the Customer Center or contact the check-in desks at the airport directly for assistance in assigning nearby seats.  

If you have not made a seat selection at check-in, you will be randomly assigned one free of charge. If you would like to choose specific seats for greater flight comfort, you can change seats subject to the payment required for the 'Seat Selection', unless it is included in your fare or falls within the types for which the service is free of charge.


Passengers with physical, cognitive and sensory disabilities and a companion can pre-select seats at no extra cost by calling our Customer Center, or at the airport (subject to availability). The companion's seat will be adjacent to the disabled passenger.


Starting-from price per single segment relating to the 'Seat Selection' service in Economy Class.

(only on A321neo aircraft)
59€/62$ 49€/52$ 39€/41$ 39€/41$ - Paid Service
(Variable price based on the rate as per scheme)
ECONOMY COMFORT Intercontinental
(only on A350 and A330neo aircraft)









- Paid Service
(Variable price based on the rate as per scheme)
ECONOMY COMFORT A321Neo Roma-Tel Aviv  59€ 49€ 39€ 39€ -  
TOP Domestic 23€ 18€ 16€ 16€ 21€ Free for Executive
TOP Domestic from Rome/Milan to Palermo/Catania and v.v. 24€ 19€ 17€ 17€ -  
TOP International 29€ 23€ 17€ 17€ - Free for Executive
TOP Intercontinental 109€ 89€ 69€ 69€ - Free for Executive
20€ 16€ 13€ 13€ 16€ Free for Executive
FRONT Domestic from Rome/Milan to Palermo/Catania and v.v. 21€ 17€ 14€ 14€ -  
24€ 19€ 15€ 15€ - Free for Executive
79€ 55€ 39€ 39€ - Free for Executive
13€ 10€ Free of charge Free of charge 11€ Free for Executive and Premium
STANDARD Domestic from Rome/Milan to Palermo/Catania and v.v. 14€ 11€ Free of charge Free of charge -  
18€ 15€ Free of charge Free of charge - Free for Executive and Premium
STANDARD Intercontinental 39€ 32€ 30€ 30€ - Free for Executive and Premium
50€ 40€ 30€ 30€ -  
11€ 8€ Free of charge Free of charge 9€ Free for Executive, Premium and Plus
BACK Domestic from Rome/Milan to Palermo/Catania and v.v. 12€ 9€ Free of charge Free of charge -  
15€ 11€ Free of charge Free of charge - Free for Executive, Premium and Plus
34€ 28€ 22€ Free of charge - Free for Executive, Premium and Plus

* ITA Airways reserves the right to change the seat purchase price at any time and without prior notice.

For further details, please read Terms and Conditions of “Seat Selection” 

Is the ASR option available on all flights?

Yes, on all flights operated by ITA Airways. Codeshare flights operated by other carriers are excluded.                                         

Do I have to select a seat?

Absolutely not! If you do not choose a seat, the system will assign it to you free of charge based on availability, operational and safety criteria.

I didn’t purchase my ticket on can I still choose my seat?

Of course! You can also do it by entering the relevant section during online check-in, directly at the airport at the check-in desks or by calling our Customer Center 

What happens if I decide to change my seat and/or flight?

You can change the purchased seat for free if it is in the same category and as long as it is on the same flight. However, it is always possible to make a change: 

  • For a seat of a lower category, but the price previously paid will not be refunded;
  • For a higher category seat by contacting our Customer Center  or directly at the airport at the check-in desks, paying the difference in price.

With the Economy Flex fare the "Seat Selection" service can always be reused even if you decide to change flight. With all other fares, any voluntary change requested by the customer (for example: change of date, flight, route), will result in the loss of the “Seat Selection” service for the modified flight segment, without the possibility of requesting a refund. “Seat Selection” can be repurchased, if available, for the updated sections of the itinerary.

If you purchased your seat before 31 May 2022, you can change it by contacting our Customer Center or directly at the airport:

  • For a seat of a lower price, but any price difference will not be refunded;
  • For a higher price seat by paying the difference in price.

Can I request a refund for the 'Seat Selection' service?

The refund of the entire cost of the service may be requested in the following cases:

1.      Disruption attributable to ITA Airways (example: cancellation of the flight, modified aircraft configuration), in cases where the re-routing of the passenger on a new flight, and/or on a different type of aircraft, does not allow the new assignment in the same seat category but in another of a lower category than the one initially purchased. Seats aboard our Economy Class flights are classified according to their original value in the following category order:

a.      Comfort Economy Seat

b.      Top Seat

c.       Front Seat

d.      Standard Seat

e.      Back Seat

In the event of a new assignment from a Comfort Economy seat to a Top Seat, only the difference in cost of the service between the two categories of seat will be refunded; 

2.      Loss of connection for the flight on which the seat was purchased following a delay in a flight operated by ITA Airways or by a Partner Airline (in the case of a single ticket);

3.      Technical problems with the seat purchased after reporting the issues to the crew;

4.      Seat reassignment before or after boarding by ITA Airways for operational or safety reasons;

The reimbursement of the cost of the service may be requested at the same time as the request for reimbursement or modification of the ticket, in the following cases:

  • Illness/death (in both cases, the waiver due to illness/death must be proven by a valid hospital certificate or death certificate:
    • Of close relatives: spouse, children (including adoptive parents), parents, brothers/sisters, grandparents, grandchildren, in-laws and cousins; in this case it is necessary to demonstrate the degree of kinship with an appropriate certificate (family status or other issued by bodies in charge such as district or registry office)
    • Of passengers, relatives or friends, present on the same PNR

Where applicable, you can request a refund by contacting our Customer Center

Can I also select a seat located near the emergency exits?

To purchase the seats located at the emergency exits, special requirements must be met:

  • Be 18 years or older;
  • Have the strength, full mobility and be able and willing to provide assistance for any rapid evacuation of the aircraft in an emergency; 
  • Not use any drug that may affect the qualities described above pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations on safety.
  • Be able to understand the instructions in Italian or English for the operation of the emergency exit.

Furthermore, to comply with safety obligations, passengers cannot occupy posts Located at the emergency exits if they:

  • Have reduced mobility;
  • Have visual or hearing impairments;
  • Are traveling with children or minors;
  • Have luggage positioned on the seat;
  • Are clearly pregnant;
  • Are traveling with pets in the cabin;
  • Are severely overweight (passengers with limited movements that could hinder access to the emergency exits, who need an additional belt on board).                                         

Furthermore, hand luggage and all personal effects must be placed only in the overhead bins.                                         

If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be able to use the seat in front of the emergency exits and you will be assigned a different seat. The price paid for seat selection will not be refunded.

Can I transfer my paid seat to another person?

No, the seat selection supplement is not transferable to third parties.