ITA Airways Flight Pass - Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") apply to the Flight Pass. 



  • “ITA Airways” refers to Italia Trasporto Aereo S.p.A.
  • "Optiontown" refers to Optiontown Ireland Limited, with registered address at Mespil Business Center, Mespil House, Sussex Road, Dublin 4, Irlanda.
  • "Optiontown" refers to the name of the web platform manager, through which the Flight Pass can be purchased on  in the dedicated "Flight Pass" section.
  • "Flight Pass" refers to the package of prepaid vouchers to use for the subsequent issue of a number of single-leg tickets equal to the number of flights selected when buying the package. It is sold by ITA Airways on  through the technological platform managed by Optiontown.
  •  The "Purchaser" is the party purchasing the Flight Pass.
  • "Passenger" refers to one or more people who can use the tickets.
  • "Journey" refers to the single leg for which a voucher is used for the subsequent issue of a ticket.
  • "Voucher" refers to the voucher used for the subsequent issue of a ticket.
  • "Ticket" refers to the air ticket, usable on a single leg, for flights to a preselected destination or Travel Zone. The dates, times and flight number for these can be confirmed after buying the Voucher, based on the features of the Flight Pass purchased.
  • "Flights" refers to flights operated directly by ITA Airways aircraft. Flights under the territorial continuity system, seasonal routes and code-share flights are excluded.
  • "Travel period" refers to the period within which each individual ticket can be used, subject to compliance with the options selected when buying the Flight Pass.
  • "Destination" refers to the flight's departure and/or arrival city within ITA Airways' domestic or international network (cities in ITA Airways' intercontinental network are excluded).
  • "Travel Zone" refers to all destinations that can be flown to using Flight Pass tickets. A travel zone can include one or more countries in ITA Airways' network. Intercontinental destinations are excluded.
  • "Travel class" refers to the class on board the flight that applies to the journey being taken: Economy, Superior or Business.
  •  "Booking period" refers to the minimum number of days before the flight during which tickets can be issued.
  •  "Booking class" refers to the booking class and varies based on availability of seats on board.
  • "Black-out dates" is an option where restrictions apply to the selection of travel dates.
  •  “Freedom Option” is the option allowing, up to 1 hour before the flight departure, to:
    • issue a ticket
    • add passenger names up to the maximum number allowed (with the exclusion of the first name which will have to be entered during the Flight Pass purchase phase)
    • change date and time of flight



2.1      The Flight Pass is the package of prepaid vouchers to use for the subsequent issue of single-leg tickets, for travel to selected destinations, at all times of the year, at fares chosen at the time of purchase, subject to availability of seats on board.

2.2      Purchasers can personalize the package by choosing:

  • A single Destination or a Travel zone
  • Travel class: Economy, Superior or Business
  • Passengers: Up to 24 (the maximum number of passengers that can be selected for a single Flight Pass is equal to the number of chosen flights, except for the packages composed by 6 and 8 flights because in these cases the number of passengers can be between 1 and 2 persons)
  • Number of flights: From 6 to 24
  • Travel period: Up to a maximum of 12 months from buying the Flight Pass   
  • Advance booking : From 90 days up until 1 hour before the departing flight
  • Freedom Option: Selecting the booking period of 1 hour before the flight
  • Black-out dates: selecting the option that applies restrictions to the selection of travel dates or the option that allows to travel at all times of the year.

For each parameter, the customer will have different options available which will determine the price of the Flight Pass.


3.1   Purchase and use of Flight Pass can be made at in the dedicated "Flight Pass" section.



4.1      Purchasers must go to, go to the dedicated "Flight Pass" section and select "Buy Flight Pass". When redirected to the platform, purchasers must select the features for their Flight Pass. Purchasers have to register creating an account. Once they have the login credentials they can log in with their "Username" and "Password" and finalize the purchase by selecting their profile based on the type of journey. 

4.2     Tickets can be issued only for flights operated by ITA Airways' aircraft; code-share flights are excluded.

4.3     Flights under the territorial continuity system and seasonal routes are excluded.

4.4     Each ticket issued can be used on only one leg. When buying the Flight Pass, the name of at least one passenger who can then use the tickets must be entered via the platform. Names of other passengers must be entered again by logging into the platform using the "Username" and "Password", up until the maximum time limit selected at the time of purchase is reached. Only if you have purchased the "Freedom Option" you can enter the names after the first, up to 1 hour before the departure of the flight. The names of passengers entered in the system can be changed logging into the platform with your "Username" and "Password", going to the "Manage My Flight Pass" section, "Change My Flight Pass”, select the Flight Pass purchased, replace passenger name paying a supplementary charge and confirm.

4.5    After you have purchased Flight Pass, users may be able to change some of the purchased Flight Pass parameters (Travel Class, Number of Trips, Number of Passengers, Period of Trip, Booking Period and Black-out Dates) by paying a fare difference and the applicable fees as indicated in the summary table below:

Parameters Change Fee

Number of Passengers

EUR 30

Number of Flights

EUR 30

Travel Period

EUR 30 per unused flight credit

Advance Booking

EUR 50

Travel Date Restrictions

EUR 30

Travel Class

EUR 30

Replace Passenger Name

EUR 10 per unused flight credit (minimum fee 50€)

To do this, visit the Manage My Pass section after logging in to your Optiontown Flight Pass account and select the parameter you wish to change from the list where all changeable parameters will be displayed. Any applicable fee and/or fare difference will be shown to you at the time of doing the transaction.

4.6     The Flight Pass price includes the fare, including taxes and supplements, of the tickets that will then be issued.

4.7     The Flight Pass must be paid for in one payment at the time of purchase. To purchase the voucher it will be necessary to insert the data requested in the customer profile in order to issue the invoice. 

4.8     The Flight Pass price is variable and relates to the time when the package is purchased.

4.9     The entire Flight Pass and/or the individual vouchers of the package purchased cannot be canceled or refunded.

4.10    Each ticket allows the passenger to carry the baggage allowance for the preselected travel class:

  • For Economy class, one item of hand baggage weighing no more than 8 kg is permitted. All Economy Class fares do not include hold baggage. If you wish to purchase a hold baggage you can refer to the LIGHT FARE BAGGAGE CONDITIONS you can find on
  • For Superior class, one item of hand baggage weighing no more than 8 kg and two hold pieces of baggage weighing up to 23 kg each are permitted. 
  • For Business class, one item of hand baggage weighing no more than 8 kg and two items of hold baggage weighing up to 32 kg each are permitted. 

All items are subject to the ITA Airways' baggage size restrictions, which can be found on

4.11     Access to Lounges, Fast Track and Priority Boarding, where they exist, are included in the Business and Superior travel classes.

4.12    Tickets can be used by children under 15 years old only if they are accompanied by an adult. The "Unaccompanied Minors" procedure is not permitted.

4.13    The Flight Pass price does not include reductions for children under 15 years old.

4.14    ITA Airways declines any responsibility for damage or losses associated with misdirected or incomplete logins caused by computer malfunctions, viruses, bugs or other causes. ITA Airways is not in any way responsible for reproduction or indirect access via third-party websites or if the website misinterprets or omits any information from the Terms and Conditions regarding the Flight Pass.

4.15    ITA Airways reserves the right to amend these Flight Pass Terms and Conditions at any time.



5.1     To issue tickets, purchasers must go to, go to the dedicated "Flight Pass" section and select "Book Flight". When redirected to the platform, they must log into the platform with their "Username" and "Password", select "Book flight", select the Flight Pass purchased, select the flight, date and departure time, select the passenger receiving the ticket and then issue the ticket.

5.2     Tickets must be issued and used within the period defined by the "Travel period", unless the buyer has also purchased the "Freedom Option", in which case the ticket can be issued up to 4 hours* before the departure of the flight.

5.3     For those who have purchased the "Freedom Option", change of date and time of the booked flight are permitted, up to 1 hour before flight departure at no extra cost (changes possible only on the web platform and subject to availability and the rules of the Flight Pass). For other passengers it is possible to change the date and time of the flight booked prior to the departure of the flight, within the selected booking period and with a supplementary charge for amending the booking of € 65.00 (changing your ticket is only possible on the web platform and is subject to availability). 

5.4     Tickets issued cannot be canceled or refunded except for airport taxes

5.5     None of the Flight Pass Economy Class fares includes free seat selection. 
For further details, please read Additional services “seat selection” to the page created for the description of the service. If you do not purchase your preferred seat, the system will assign one free of charge during check-in, based on availability and operational and safety criteria.

5.6     Any ancillary services can be purchased directly via the ITA Airways' website during check-in or, if directly available, at the airport.


6.1      The Flight Pass Terms and Conditions will be regulated and interpreted in accordance with Italian law. ITA Airways and all passengers accept the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts to resolve any disputes that may arise between them.

6.2     For anything not explicitly specified in these Flight Pass Terms and Conditions, please refer to the ITA Airways' General Conditions of Carriage, website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, all available on