Summer destinations

Choose from many destinations in 2024!

In search of inspiration for your next summer vacations? Look no further!

Greece, Spain, Croatia or Italy: choose from a wide range of destinations for 2024!

Flights to Greece, Spain, Croatia, Lampedusa and Pantelleria are available in July and August.



Book your summer vacay in Apulia and get ready to delve into its beauty! Reach the region’s evocative seaside locations comfortably from the airports of Bari and Brindisi and be swept away by their golden beaches, their art and culture, and the delicious Apulian cuisine.


This summer, live the experience of Campania’s extraordinary sea by landing directly at Naples airport. Book your vacation now and enjoy relaxing days on the breathtaking beaches of Campania. From the crystal clear Tyrrhenian Sea to its picturesque shores, an unforgettable marine experience awaits you.


Your summer vacay in Sicily starts now. Book your flight and dive into the island’s enchanting beaches, easily accessible from the airports of Catania and Palermo. Enjoy relaxing days under the sun, savoring local specialties and immersing yourself in Sicily’s age-old culture.


Fly to Cagliari with direct flights from the airports of Milan Linate and Rome Fiumicino.
Sardinia is an extraordinary island, rich in fantastical natural landscapes, untamed coasts and a dreamlike sea, not to mention a superb historical heritage and the flavors of its fine food.


Get ready for an extraordinary summer of Calabrian authenticity. You can reach its beautiful beaches with ease from the airports of Reggio Calabria and Lamezia Terme. Your vacation in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Sea awaits you.


In search of a vacation? Fly to Lampedusa. Book your flight now for Lampedusa with departures from Rome Fiumicino or Milan Linate


In August, let yourself be captivated by the unspoiled nature of Pantelleria. Book your flight for Pantelleria  from Rome Fiumicino or Milan Linate


Book your summer vacation in Spain now. This summer, travel to IbizaMinorca and Palma de Mallorca with seasonal direct flights from Rome and Milan.


Planning a vacation to Greece? With flights from ITA Airways you can reach dream destinations like CorfuCephaloniaHeraklion and Rhodes, with departures from Rome and Milan.


Travel to Croatia in August with ITA Airways flights.
Depart for Split from Rome Fiumicino Airport. Book your flight now.


Book your summer holiday in Malta now!
An unforgettable experience awaits you, consisting of the perfect blend of ancient history, breathtaking landscapes and Mediterranean atmospheres. The island’s rich cultural heritage and enchanting beaches attract visitors from around the globe.