For a limited time period, the minimum point utilization threshold of 200 for purchases via Cash & Points mode will not be guaranteed. We are working to restore the minimum threshold as soon as possible.

“Volare” Loyalty program – “Volare Loyalty program regulations in accordance with Italian Presidential Decree no. 430 of October 26, 2001”

Italia Trasporto Aereo S.p.A. ("ITA Airways”), in its capacity as promoter, pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 10, para. 4 of Italian Presidential Decree no. 430/2001, hereby informs all its Members of the following changes and additions to the Volare Program Regulations (the “Regulations”), which will come into effect as from July 11, 2023:



Volare Code: indicates the individual Member’s personal 8-digit code.

Co-promoter: indicates Volare Loyalty S.p.A., as identified in article 2 below.

Partner(s): indicates the Promoter’s commercial partners, a list of which can be seen at the following link (

Reward(s): indicates the airline tickets, discounts on the purchase of airline tickets or other rewards obtainable using the accumulated Points in accordance with the terms and conditions of these Regulations, including special on-board services, both on-air and on-ground (including, for example, lounge services and travel class upgrades).

Program: indicates this rewards operation aimed at retaining the Promoter's customer loyalty.

Promoter or ITA Airways: indicates ITALIA TRASPORTO AEREO S.p.A., as identified in Article 2. below.

Points: indicates the points accumulated overall through the Program when carrying out the actions under the Regulations.

Qualifying points: Points used to upgrade you to the next highest Volare club or retain your current membership; they’re obtained by purchasing flights simultaneously sold and operated by ITA Airways and count toward reaching Exclusive Club membership on a yearly basis, and therefore are set to zero on December 31 of every year of the Program.

Non-Qualifying Points: indicates the Points that can be used to request a Reward; these points shall remain valid until the end of the Program. They’re obtained by purchasing flights simultaneously sold and operated by ITA Airways, additional services, and services offered by Partners. They do not contribute towards upgrading or maintaining your membership in the club you currently belong to.

Regulations: indicates all of the terms and conditions, rules and regulations, contained in this document (as amended from time to time), on the website and/or in any communications relating to the Program that govern the operation of said Program.

Member: indicates the natural person participating in the Program by virtue of their adhesion to and acceptance of the Regulations.


The Promoter of the ITA AIRWAYS VOLARE BUSINESS CLUB Program is ITALIA TRASPORTO AEREO S.p.A. (hereinafter referred to as ITA Airways), with headquarters at Via XX Settembre 97 – 00187, Rome, Italy; VAT Identification Number, Fiscal Code and Italian Business Register Registration Number 15907661001.

The Co-Promoter of the Program is Volare Loyalty S.p.A., with headquarters at Piazza San Babila 4A – 20122, Milan, Italy; VAT Identification Number, Fiscal Code and Italian Business Register Registration Number 12281660964.


From October 15, 2021 to October 15, 2024, unless extended.

In any event, the total duration of the scheme, including any extensions which will be communicated to recipients in accordance with the law, will be no more than five years.


All natural persons over sixteen years of age at the time of requesting subscription to the Program can participate in same. It is hereby understood that, in accordance with national law, Members of the Program who are minors will require authorization or consent by the responsible caregivers. Subscription of minors will only be authorized on valid receipt of said authorization or consent, for which the legally responsible caregiver must be able to provide documented proof to ITA at any time, and said subscription will be under the sole responsibility of the legally responsible caregiver.

The geographical scope of the Program is the national Italian territory.



Program registration is always free of charge.

To join the Program, the user must register on the website or the "ITA Airways" app, which can be downloaded from the following app stores: Apple Store and Play Store, or through any other channels that may be communicated from time to time by ITA.

When registering for the Program, users will be asked to provide their credentials (email, password) and all other necessary personal details (first name, last name, date of birth, phone number, address and gender), which are required to log in to the user’s personal account. The personal data provided by Members when subscribing to the Program must be truthful and accurate. The Promoter and the Co-promoter reserve the right to verify compliance with the Program registration requirements and correct any typing errors in the data provided, to the extent that this is necessary to allow the Member to participate in the Program. On the first access attempt the Member will be asked to confirm the email address they provided when signing up to the Program. In the event of successful verification, each user will be associated with a unique personal profile to enable them to participate in the Program and, consequently, each Member will be assigned one Points wallet only. If the Member joined more than once, they will have to contact Customer Services using the contact details provided in article 12 below, or sign into their restricted area and ask for one of the accounts to be deleted. Please note that it is not possible to combine the Points of two or more accounts.

ITA Airways and the Co-Promoter reserve the right to carry out appropriate checks to verify compliance with these Regulations and to deny participation and/or exclude Members from the Program and/or cancel any Points and/or Rewards requested by individuals who do not meet the requirements set out in the Regulations, or in the case of previous participation in the Program, at the sole discretion of ITA Airways or third parties appointed by same, failed to observe the Regulations, or used any means, methods and/or tools that, at their sole discretion, are considered suspicious, fraudulent or in violation of the normal operational procedures of the initiative.

In order to earn Points, the Member must be registered at the time of purchasing or taking the first flight and/or using the services of Partners. See how points are earned in the paragraph entitled "Earning Points".


Each Member can withdraw from the Program at any time, at no additional cost, by accessing the appropriate area on the website or the “ITA Airways” app. The profile will be deleted with immediate effect, and all of the data on the Member and the Points that are still in their Points wallet will also be deleted.


Once registered, the Member will receive a Volare Code for their account. Using the Volare Code in their personal account allows members to:

  • See their Points balance;
  • Receive the accumulated Points after each flight the Member books and any other purchase that allows them to accumulate Points (see the paragraph “Earning Points”);
  •  Use the Points request feature (so-called "Back-dated credit") in their restricted area to receive Points for flights for which the Volare Code was not entered during purchase or at check-in. In this case, the ticket number shall have to be entered into the back-dated credit request. Please note that back-dated credit can only be obtained within 12 (twelve) months of the flight date of the ticket for which Points are being requested.

Earning Points

Each Member will have access to their own personal account where they can earn and credit the rightfully earned points.

Points will be credited automatically in the circumstances indicated below, without prejudice to the Member’s need to communicate their Volare Code at the time of purchasing the goods/services promoted by ITA Airways or upon checking in:

  •  Flights that are both sold and operated by ITA Airways, effectively purchased by or on behalf of the Member, and used by the same individual, without prejudice, as soon as technically possible, to the rewarding of Points also for flights that are sold and/or operated by partner airline companies, communicated by ITA Airways from time to time in the appropriate section of the website or “ITA Airways” app.

It is hereby understood that flights purchased but not taken (also following cancellation, without prejudice to the application of ITA Airways policies regarding any refunds) shall not entitle the Member to earn Points;

  •  Purchase and use of goods and/or services provided by ITA Airways (onboard boutique), as soon as technically available;
  • Additional Points earning initiatives, communicated from time to time by ITA Airways and the Co-Promoter.

Please note that Points are awarded subject to registration in the Program, which must occur before flying and/or using Partner services. Otherwise, the Member is not entitled to earn Points.

The total sum of the accumulated points is calculated based on the client’s purchases (the so-called revenue-based model), net of taxes and any other duties (including VAT), based on the 1 Euro = 10 Points model (with potential further increases if a Member is also part of one of the Exclusive Clubs referred to in Article 7 of these Regulations, depending on the type of airline ticket purchased, as shown in Annex A).

Earning points on the purchase of airline tickets may vary depending on the type of purchase made (class, destination, etc.), with the possibility of receiving bonus Points, in the manner that will be communicated by ITA Airways from time to time. ITA Airways also reserves the right to communicate on a case-by-case basis the number of Points that can be earned for the various types of ticket purchased (e.g. the number of Points attributable to a Member travelling within the framework of a group booking).

Non-Qualifying Points can also be earned when purchasing ITA Airways accessory services (e.g. lounge access or additional baggage, if selected when buying the ticket), possibly receiving bonus Points, in the manner communicated by ITA Airways from time to time in the appropriate section of the website or the “ITA Airways” app. In the case of accessory services, Points earned are considered Non-Qualifying Points, unless otherwise communicated by ITA Airways.


We would like to underline that, with the exception of limited-time offers, which will be communicated from time to time in the appropriate section of the website or the “ITA Airways” app, the following types of airline tickets do not give the Member the right to earn Points: (i) tickets subject to special terms and conditions (e.g. tickets for employees, humanitarian flights, flights organized by national authorities), (ii) tickets for charter flights, (iii) tickets purchased with e-coupons (discount codes or gift cards), for the partial value of the ticket purchased with the coupon, or tickets purchased with the cash&points method, without prejudice to tickets purchased with Points from the "Points Back" initiative, as better illustrated in the appropriate annex to the Regulations.

Special Points earning methods, subject to update

Starting from July 11, 2023 and until the expiry of the operation, Members who request an ITA Airways American Express Credit Card have the right to accumulate additional Points and, under certain conditions, be re-credited Points spent through the Points Back scheme, as better described in the specific annex to the Regulations.


At the discretion of the Promoter and the Co-Promoter, similar initiatives that provide for the special allocation of Points or other special methods for earning Points, may be periodically proposed, together with the Partners, under the terms and conditions that will be appropriately disclosed in the appropriate section of the website our promotions or through the “ITA Airways” app.

Using Points

Members can use Points earned according to the criteria indicated in paragraph a) to claim the following Rewards:

  • Purchase of ITA Airways air tickets (the indicative values are shown in Annex A);
  • Purchase of ITA Airways accessory services (whenever the same are technically available).
  • Purchase with ITA Airways discount coupons, whenever the same are technically available.

Points can be used within the appropriate section of the website or the “ITA Airways” app and other means, which will be communicated from time to time to the Member, as well as in the manner defined and communicated from time to time by ITA Airways and the Co-Promoter. More specifically, before completing each purchase, at any time and for any category of flights available on the website, the Member in question, having ensured they have correctly logged into their personal account and inserted their Volare Code, the transaction, which will be equal to the total sum of the purchased goods/services, will be automatically deducted from the Points balance (the so-called “Cash & Points Redemption” system). It is hereby understood that any duties and/or taxes (including VAT) cannot be paid for using Points. It is also understood that, in the case of purchasing goods/services via the "cash&points" method, Points will not be earned for the portion paid in cash.

Points will be converted into different currencies according to the IATA exchange rate, which is subject to monthly updates.  The minimum amount of Points that can be used by the Member is equal to 1/20 of the cost of the ticket. In the event that the Member's Points balance is not sufficient to cover the full price of the goods/service(s) he/she intends to purchase, the price of the goods/service(s) will in any case be reduced according to the total of available Points. On completion of a transaction that uses Points to purchase goods and/or services offered by ITA Airways, the Member will be able to view the points used in the payment summary, account balance and Points wallet.

In the case of refunds for goods/services purchased using Points, the ITA Airways refund policy will apply (see purchases, changes and refunds) and, should circumstances permit, the refund will be made via the same payment method used for the original purchase (Points, cash or a combination of Points and cash, excluding any airport taxes/duties, which will always be refunded as a cash payment). In the event the refund involves the refund of Points, either in part or full, as soon as technically possible, the Member will be able to view their updated Points balance in their Points wallet. It is understood that, once the right of withdrawal from the Program has been exercised and the account definitively cancelled, it will not be possible to obtain a refund of the portion of Points used for any purchases using the "cash&points" method.

It is hereby understood that the Points and/or Rewards assigned to the Members cannot be converted to cash. The Member will not be able to earn any further Points as a result of the awarding and use of a Reward, either in part or full, using the earned Points, unless otherwise specified and communicated to Members by ITA Airways and the Co-Promoter.

In terms of the purchase of goods/services using Points, where applicable, said purchases are governed by Article 128 et. seq. of Italian Legislative Decree No. 206 of September 6, 2005 (Italian Consumer Code).


ITA Airways and the Co-Promoter reserve the right to inform Members - and to make the subsequent amendments to these Regulations pursuant to Article 11 below - about initiatives, additional collaborations and the list of partners of the Program that will give Members the right to earn and use the Non-Qualifying Points awarded through the purchase of goods and services offered by its partners, according to the terms and conditions that will be promptly communicated to the Members in the appropriate section of the website or the “ITA Airways” app.

The methods for earning and using the Points obtained through the purchase of goods and services offered by the Partners are specified from time to time in relation to each good or service of the Partners, under the terms and conditions which will be communicated from time to time to the Members through the specific section of the website or via the "ITA Airways" app.

The list of Partners can be seen at the following link  ( ITA Airways and the Co-Promotor reserve the right to update the list and to make any necessary changes to these Regulations pursuant to article 11 below.


The Program allows Members to access four exclusive ITA Airways clubs (as summarized below), which are divided into four different service access levels,which are based on the number of Points that each Member earns in compliance with the Program regulations, regardless of their subsequent use when claiming rewards ("Exclusive Clubs”).

Each Member's access to the Exclusive Clubs takes place upon reaching the relevant threshold of Qualifying Points, as indicated below (in compliance with the necessary technical times, in any case not exceeding 30 days), as per the relative communication that will be sent to the Member. Membership in an Exclusive Club will continue until the end of the calendar year following the year in which the Exclusive Club is joined (i.e. until the following December 31st, or until expiration of the Program, whichever occurs earlier). Access to the Exclusive Clubs will entitle the Member to the following benefits, as well as to all the benefits communicated from time to time by ITA Airways:

  • Smart Club:
    • The ability to access the Program and earn Points for each purchase of goods/services offered by ITA;
    •  Access to a vast network of commercial partnerships that allow the Member to earn and use Points, as communicated from time to time in accordance with previously cited Article 6;
    • Purchase of accessory services using Points.
  • Plus Club (requires 30.000 Qualifying Points to access and maintain membership) 
    • Smart benefits;
    • Additional luggage allowance;
    •  Priority luggage delivery;
    • Priority boarding;
    • Priority check-in and transfer desk;
    • Priority lost and found service;
    • Free seat selection in the aircraft's area reserved for the Member’s Club
    • Dedicated customer service.
  • Premium club (requires 60,000 qualifying points  to access and maintain membership)
    • Plus benefits;
    • Access to lounges owned by or made available to ITA Airways (see the list at the following link: lounges);
    • Fast track (see the list of airports where the Fast Track service is available: Fast track)
  • Executive Club (requires 90.000 qualifying points  to access and maintain membership)
    • Premium benefits;
    • Welcome kit.
    •  Additional Club Card
    • Free golf equipment


The value of the individual Reward is based on the value of the air fares in force at the time of issuance of same or the value of ITA Airways or its Partners’ services/products (see the list at the following link: at the time of issuing same. The overall estimated value of the rewards is EUR 8 million.

In accordance with Article 7 of Italian Presidential Decree No. 430 of October 26, 2001, a 20% deposit of the overall, estimated value of the rewards has been paid, in accordance with the laws in force.


The Program entitles the Member to earn Points up to October 15, 2024. The Rewards may be requested by the Member by 15 November 2024, and will be delivered to the entitled party at the same time, with the exception of any Rewards that must be delivered to the Member's home (which must be communicated when requesting material Rewards). ITA Airways and the Co-Promoter will do all in their power to deliver said Rewards within 90 days of the request.


Any complaints may be brought to the attention of ITA Airways and the Co-Promoter by sending an email to (for Members residing in Italy); overseas members can contact

The ITA Airways Customer Center will respond to any complaints as soon as possible and, in any case, within 20 days of receipt of same.


ITA Airways and the Co-Promoter reserve the right to modify, even partially and at any time, the participation procedures of the Program, it being understood that such modifications will not affect the rights acquired by the Members in the meantime and that adequate communication is provided, using the same means with which the Program was brought to the attention of the Members, or other equivalent means (e.g. by email communication).


Certified email address (PEC):

Phone: 800 936090.

ITA Airways customer service (Italy): 800 936090.

ITA Airways customer service (overseas): 06 85960020 (charges apply)

Link to contact page


As joint Data Controllers, ITA Airways and the Co-Promoter hereby inform Members that the personal data freely provided by same for the purpose of participation in the Program will be processed in accordance with the notice on the following website: Privacy Policy.


For everything else not expressly foreseen and governed by these Regulations, please refer to the applicable laws and regulations, in particular Italian Presidential Decree No. 430 of October 26, 2001, published in the Official Gazette (Gazzetta Ufficiale -G.U.) No. 289) on December 13, 2001, as amended and supplemented.

In the event of a conflict between the provisions of this Regulation and the mandatory provisions of the aforementioned legislation, the latter must be understood as prevailing over the former.


These Regulations are subject to Italian law.

Any dispute relating to this Program (and related Regulations) will be referred to the competent court of law.