Earning points couldn't be simpler: just buy flights sold and operated by ITA Airways or buy ITA Airways services! The number of points* varies depending on your membership Club:

  •  Club Smart: 10 points per euro spent;
  •  Club Plus: 11 points per euro spent;
  •  Club Premium: 12 points per euro spent;
  •  Executive Club: 13 points per euro spent;

In addition, we remind you that to enable the automatic crediting of points, you should enter your Volare Customer Code when purchasing and/or checking in for your flight. 


There is an important difference between qualifying and non-qualifying points.

The qualifying points help you to get an upgrade to the higher club or to maintain the one you belong to; they are obtained exclusively by purchasing flights operated and sold by ITA Airways and expire on 31 December each year.

 The non-qualifying points represent your points balance that can be spent on requesting award flights and are valid until the expiry of the Volare program*. They are obtained by purchasing flights operated and sold by ITA Airways, ancillary services of the airline and services offered by the exclusive partners of the Volare program. They do not contribute to the upgrade or maintenance of their position in the club they belong to.

At the moment it is possible to obtain non-qualifying points by purchasing your preferred seat and extra baggage; additional services can be purchased when finalizing the purchase of the ticket.

Within your personal area you will find the details of the points balance, divided into qualifying and non-qualifying points.


No points have been credited for flights you have taken? No problem! Within your personal area it is possible to request the crediting of points for missing flights by entering the details of the ticket in the appropriate section. Remember that from the completion of the flight it takes up to 30 days for the points to be automatically credited.


The Volare program allows you to attain access to the next club and reward flights to your favorite destinations even faster with an easy-to-use points accelerator.

Network Domestic
Cabin Economy
Premium Economy
Fares Light

The point accelerators can be added together, which means that based on the destination, travel class and fare selected for your flight, there will be up to 100% extra points for you!

Accelerators do not apply to ancillary services.

 For all the details on the Volare program, we invite you to read the regulations.