At the airport

At the Milan Linate airport and the Catania airport the innovative Face Boarding face recognition system is now operational, developed by SEA Milan Aiports and SAC Spa in order to quickly pass through security checks and boarding procedures, without having to show your documents or boarding pass.

The Face Boarding service is guaranteed to ITA Airways passengers departing from Milan Linate to all destinations and those departing from Catania and going to Milan Linate.  

Using the service is very easy!

Go to the desks for Face Boarding (check-in island 8 in Milano Linate and those ones in front of the SkyPriority desk in Catania) to make the first registration: scan your document (passport or electronic ID card), and then your face. Then you can continue your journey at the airport without having to show personal and travel documents and with priority both at the security and at the boarding gates (in Catania, there is special Gate number 7 for that).

After the first registration at the desk, you can use a special Face Boarding App to associate easily, before going to the airport, your identity document to the boarding pass of your flight.