Volare is tailor-made for you, whether you love to travel for leisure or for work; there is a wide range of exclusive services available in the four clubs of the program: SmartPlusPremium and Executive.


The program's starter club, but no less attractive for that – a club you will fall in love with at first sight!


Club Plus welcomes you with exclusive services, designed for those for whom flying is more than just a passion. Once you have joined this club, it will be impossible to do without it!


 As a member of Club Premium, you will never want to have your feet on the ground again: from entering the lounges to priority security lanes and a range of SkyPriority services to make your flight a unique experience.


The Executive Club is the most important of the program: it has a wide array of exclusive services to transform all stages of your journey, from check-in to baggage collection, into a moment of pure pleasure.

Get your benefits off the ground with Volare, ITA Airways' loyalty program.

By becoming a Volare member, you can start enjoying exclusive benefits and premium services!

"Personalization, freedom, choice and connection" are the pillars of our Program.

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the video, discover all the benefits of the program and become a Volare member to start accumulating points!